Last refuge  

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Uploaded: 12/30/04 1:34 PM GMT
Last refuge
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This is the last refuge, a few steps before the summit of the mountain 'Monte Rotondo', 2,824 meters high (Corsica, France). The landscape is very dry, and yet some wild goats wander around as you are nearing the summit.


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12/30/04 3:23 PM GMT
C'est impressif! C'est froid la - haut sur cette montain n'est pas? Porquoi est-qe c'est les roches sur le toit de la maison?
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ж Regmar ж
12/30/04 3:35 PM GMT
This must be a real comfort to find in such a desolate landscape. Is it open to anyone who climbs as a resting stage?
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12/30/04 4:11 PM GMT
Yes, it is very windy and cold (even in August when i was there). The rocks on the rooftop prevent it to be blown away by the fierce wind. I guess there were more rocks on it, but they must have slid (i hope they havn't been 'blown'...).
We can't really talk about 'real comfort' in this refuge : the door almost fell down when i took a glance inside ; it is not larger than 8 m² ; and it is absolutely empty. The only source of warmth would be the herd ! But i didn't wait enough to experiment that... The landscape was a sufficient reward !
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-- L'important n'est pas de convaincre, mais de donner à réfléchir. [Bernard Werber]
12/30/04 7:47 PM GMT
Starkly beautiful and unique capture!
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One-One was a racehorse and Two-Two was one too, and One-One won one race and Two-Two won one too!
12/30/04 8:15 PM GMT
Did you climb to this point Elie? This is quite a photo. If these are common, I've never seen them. Thank you for sharing this. It's one I will share with family. Quite unique.
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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. Georgia O'Keeffe
12/30/04 8:46 PM GMT
An amazing sight - great shot.
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I'd as soon destroy a stained glass window than an artist such as yourself. --Wesley to an unconcious Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride
01/03/05 2:12 AM GMT
Très belle photo!! Les tonalités de la pierre vs le bleu des montagnes et du ciel est fameux!!
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01/23/05 2:01 AM GMT
First, who would ever live there, then this is a very very very great shot!!!

Matthew :-)
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12/09/05 5:59 PM GMT
wow, awesome place, perfect to hide....excelent sho!!!
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
10/21/06 4:03 PM GMT
That is a fascenating refuge. Never seen one quite like it. Very primitive and interesting. Bravo, great shot.
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