Magic snow  

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Uploaded: 03/15/05 4:54 PM GMT
Magic snow
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Winter landscape taken in the Alps, France, at Saint François Lonchamps (74).


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03/15/05 6:37 PM GMT
What a beautiful winter scene...the sparkles really give it a magic touch...well done.:Pat.
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"What's the earth with all its' art, verse, music, worth--Compared with LOVE, found, gained, and kept?" (Robert Browning)
03/15/05 7:54 PM GMT
Elie, keep up the good work...
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03/15/05 8:57 PM GMT
Beautiful shot... very clear,, good composition and lighting... i really like the way the sun is bouncing off the roof.... lovely
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The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand. --Robert Vallett
03/15/05 9:11 PM GMT
Excellent winter shot, well done
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But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling, like dew, upon a thought produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions think and smile. Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.
04/01/05 8:52 PM GMT
Truly magical =).
Nice work.
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09/04/05 3:53 PM GMT
I don't used to like the winter. But in this case I love it :) You show a lovely side of the winter. It's great!
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02/16/06 2:26 PM GMT
Hi Elie. It's rare that I get to see snow at all here on the southern coast of the States, but to see snow without any marks on it is really beautiful. I spent a summer traveling near Chateau Queyras back in 1989, and I always wondered how it would look in the wintertime. I think I know now. Thanks.
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ж Regmar ж
10/14/06 9:26 PM GMT
Love It! Wish the snow laid as it fell... but it's still an amazing shot!
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Say Cheese!
02/03/10 10:37 PM GMT
Fantastic photo! Winter sunshine, crisp snow. Icy and beautiful.
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