Improvised Tent Lighting  

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Uploaded: 04/06/08 6:06 AM GMT
Improvised Tent Lighting
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Highly reflective surfaces provide an interesting challenge. To create super-soft light for photographing proof coins, I cut a whole in a piece of typing paper, and inserted the lens. To create irregularities in the mirror-like reflections, black target patches can be strategically placed underneath the tent prior to illuminating the back side of the tent with a strobe.

Note the harsher reflections of coins not under the tent.

Not very elegant looking, but it's an effective low-cost solution method of providing extremely soft illumination of a macro area.


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04/06/08 7:32 AM GMT
I had always wondered how you had taken the coin series, and now all is revealed. Thank you Don for these useful tips!
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04/06/08 8:29 AM GMT
Think I would have just used a flash...just kidding:) Thanks for the look into the inner workings Don.
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04/06/08 9:07 AM GMT
Thanks for giving some explanations and tips.
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04/06/08 10:01 AM GMT
Thanks for the tip Don - always such trial and error methods work wonders. No one would have guessed that I had used a clothes peg and a paper napkin in one of my photos
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
04/06/08 12:01 AM GMT
Oh, Don thanks a lot for sharing this method with us! I haven't got much experience with macros but when I was working on "Tragedy of Shah-maat", I had a lot of troubles with glaring and reflection. I think your solution is a practical inexpensive one, as evidenced by your wonderful coin series. Thanks again! I'll "Fav" this for future reference!
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04/06/08 12:13 AM GMT
Thank you for a useful tips,Don..
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04/06/08 2:06 PM GMT
Thanks Don for the Photo and Lesson.
Now Fed EX that Black Covered Binder to me ASAP. LOL.
Few Bucks in that Baby I'm sure.

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04/06/08 6:12 PM GMT
Great tips Don, very useful! Thankīs for sharing them with us.
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04/06/08 6:27 PM GMT
Awesome! Very informative!
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Angelle "because reality isn't nearly as fun."
04/06/08 10:41 PM GMT
The picture speaks for itself you can say take care
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Pictures say a thousand words but the artist taking the picture can say more. Take care and god bless you and yours each and every day' - TexasChipee
04/07/08 11:51 AM GMT
A grand tutorial, my friend. I guess that's what it's all about on Caedes !!!

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04/07/08 12:36 AM GMT
ha, so thats how you got the lovely lighting and clarity on the coins! thanks for sharing that lesson with us!
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04/09/08 9:35 PM GMT
Now I understand how you where able to make such fine presentations.Yankee inventiveness we would say here.
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04/11/08 8:24 AM GMT
WOW this looks like quite the setup has to be creative and experiment...the results are great...well worth the effort...gerry
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04/18/08 9:13 PM GMT
very creative mind Don:))
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