All's quiet corrected by Camerahound  

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Uploaded: 04/26/04 12:32 AM GMT
All's quiet corrected by Camerahound
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I issued a plea for help with a picture I loved that was flawed. Two of the best sent answers that I feel have to be posted. Camerahound took out the phone pole and wires and killed multiple hot spots. I still can't find the work. Original image here


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05/02/04 11:20 AM GMT
Please... This picture needs some historic explanations... Thanks :-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
05/02/04 1:55 PM GMT
This is our local cemetary. Our area around our town is full of historic landmarks and homes. Everything from Hewn log cabins to antebellum mansions and turn of the century Itallianate design. The county historic society has extensive records, documents, diaries etc. so every year they use the cemetary to re-enact different periods usually using decendants of the original residents. It's facinating, educational. and most of all puts pressure on the city planning commision to save treasures from being zoned strip mall territory.
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05/02/04 2:31 PM GMT
Wow. Good job for the organizers :-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
10/15/04 8:55 PM GMT
I liked this image the first time I saw it and it's even more beautiful now.
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...yesterday a child came out to wonder ...
10/17/04 8:53 PM GMT
Beautiful both times. Thanks for posting this.
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12/01/04 8:08 PM GMT
See!This rework is not so natural as the first image....Using Selective colors in Photo shop can be usefull but in this case did't end up good.There are different ways how to play with brightness and contrast. I Stick with the original... Good work....Dreamer!I love cementerys....I will post later on also some of mine.
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The Inspiration comes from within!! am just a fanatic of good captured moment of the day:) This is just a one way to leave something beyond ourself!! We are just a mesengers of our nature hand!!!
12/28/04 11:13 PM GMT
Awesome correction Tracy. Shows what a professional can do.
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01/15/06 12:25 AM GMT
...i think that t not needs some explanation...
do it from your immagination!
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08/15/06 6:52 AM GMT
I suppose it's too late for a newcomer to comment :(PJ
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"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass." Walter Pater
09/07/06 12:26 AM GMT
Never too late to comment PJ.I like both of the versions.Being a avid history buff I once drove to Fort Donaldson for the day to see the Civil War Battlefield.This is a haunting image.Almost as if a ghost from the past was taking roll call.Nice work Kilie and Tracy too!!
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