spread your wings and fly  

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Uploaded: 02/07/13 10:05 PM GMT
spread your wings and fly
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to the mountains: in search of fresh air and tranquility


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02/07/13 10:40 PM GMT
Alps..Gorgeous sight and photo.Love it
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02/07/13 10:48 PM GMT
No, it's Pieniny mountains in Poland, but the view is spectacular.
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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." Henry Ward Beecher
02/07/13 11:10 PM GMT
Very nice shot, Ewa.

Like how you composed your photo with the couple offset as you have them.


Some creative food for thought on the post processing/editing front:

Remove a Blue Haze

That chroma blue stuff is no where near as prominent as in the example in the above link, do think, though.. that it will provide an assist/elevate your image here. Improve the contrast for one.

That said..

But of course, thank you for sharing this one with us. :o)
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02/08/13 2:00 AM GMT
Ewa, this has a painting feel to it, I like how you have the couple in this well composed, peaceful looking capture.
Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
02/08/13 2:21 AM GMT
Absolutely gorgeous shot. I wish I was there.
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Earle Bruce quote on the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team...."You can't build a wining program by loosing."....(Well Duh!)
02/08/13 9:37 AM GMT
Magnificent photo !!
This is a winner !!
Faved !
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Visit my gallery, there's always something new from France !!
02/08/13 12:23 AM GMT
I love the long vista over the hills and far away.
The couple look very contented sitting in the sunshine and who would not be in a place as beautiful as this.
The town in the valley below looks so far away and this could be another world this couple have escaped to . Lovely !!
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust
02/08/13 1:27 PM GMT
Beautiful image and a great contest entry.
Good Luck !
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I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice. ~ Linda McCartney ~
02/08/13 3:23 PM GMT
Into my faves too! Stunning! I'm so glad you included where this is ty.
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02/10/13 10:48 PM GMT
What a breath taking place to take this gorgeous countryside
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Happy Valentine's Day
02/11/13 1:42 AM GMT
A lovely looking scene and a great view of the countryside.
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Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots. — Frank A. Clark
02/12/13 2:41 AM GMT
The view is awesome in itself but capturing the couple in it just really sets the mood. Very artistic capture.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
02/18/13 2:54 PM GMT
Wonderful scene and great point of view. -Tanju
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