A Better Beach  

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Uploaded: 07/16/04 1:19 PM GMT
A Better Beach
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Well I havent posted in awhile but now i finally get to.... I put alot of work into this one.... i tried to fix the sand surface maps so the "wet" sand looked more realistic but i dont think it is as prominant in this one as i would have liked it to be....but none the less i would love to hear what everyone thinks about this one ....Thanks


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07/16/04 1:52 PM GMT
This looks very realistic to me. I am impressed what some of you can create. Well done!
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"I'm Walking On Sunshine!"
07/16/04 2:09 PM GMT
woo very nice! 10 and favs, i luv it. good job
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07/16/04 2:10 PM GMT
Very nice. June is right, looks very realistic. I do miss your wild skies.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
07/16/04 2:24 PM GMT
nice, almost fooled me (almost :p)
perhaps some noise or grain in the most foreground sand could be added in post processing. I dunno *shrugs*
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A change in Point of View: 1 2 3 4 ... more to come. Ideas?
07/16/04 6:49 PM GMT
Great job on this...I wish I could figure out how to do beach scenes like this in TG. I keep trying but they never come anywhere close to the wonderful images you create. High marks and lots of kudos. :)
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Mary in Montana
09/07/04 3:49 AM GMT
Very convincing. These are some of the best CG clouds I've seen on this site. The water coming ashore is also nice. Good job
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10/16/04 2:12 PM GMT
I think you did really well on this one. I like the water.
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Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?
02/16/05 3:55 PM GMT
Wow! Very, very realistic! Makes me want to live near the beach.
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09/23/05 1:48 AM GMT
Popped up in my random voting. If the waters edge had faded into the sand a little more you would have had me fooled.
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11/26/05 2:55 PM GMT
Part of the water/shore edge is too straight, but otherwise I am just impressed.
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03/01/06 10:16 PM GMT
nice image, one thing that you can add to this image is a blur effect, giving it a more of a depth feel.
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01/26/07 2:46 AM GMT
I like it. Keep up the good work.
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09/05/10 5:40 AM GMT
This is beautiful and nearly perfectly realistic! I agree with dreamer100, the water's edge could use just a little more work. Very nice improvement, keep it up!
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