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First new drawing in a long time, hope you like it... (drawn with one of my trusty dixon ticonderogas) (just #2)


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03/08/06 2:38 AM GMT
Awesome Randy! I really like this, very well are quite an artist. Keep sketching and posting OK. Excellent work!
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03/08/06 2:45 AM GMT
I am just amazed at your drawing talent! And you drew this without any soft pencils? You just used a #2, or am I mistaken, by 'Ticonderogas' meaning HB #2 pencil? She looks so realistic. An excellent drawing. I would like to see others you have done.
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03/08/06 6:43 AM GMT
Excellent illustration Randy. The detail is exquisite. Your talent is beautiful. Very, very good. I am filing this into my favorites folder on my hard drive. "~)
Well done. Thank you ...
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~ Mimi~
03/08/06 9:48 AM GMT
Great shading and the hair, which is sometimes difficult to draw, is well done...excellent work.
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03/08/06 10:12 AM GMT
That is some exceptional drawing talent! It looks like something you'd see in some sort of historical book or brochure...Kudos!
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03/08/06 5:43 PM GMT
Outstanding .
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03/09/06 1:19 PM GMT
whoa great picture :)
I wish I could draw a portrait this detailed, and the way you drew her hair...its just stunning 10/10 from me. :D
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03/14/06 7:37 AM GMT
Airplaneless. Excellent work. When I as younger I could draw a little, now I can't even draw water. Goodo.
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03/16/06 5:32 PM GMT
Lovely image, and what detail! Yup, I like this one.
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03/17/06 7:06 PM GMT
Your drawling are fantastic!!! Very, very well done. Keep 'em coming!
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03/19/06 1:33 PM GMT
I like the time era and the realistic look of this drawing!
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03/29/06 1:07 AM GMT
I like the simple presentation here and the look of concentration. I think itís very well drawn but Iím afraid I have no idea what a dixon ticonderogas might be.
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04/05/06 3:55 PM GMT
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04/20/06 1:07 AM GMT
Wow! Definitely 10/10 from me.
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04/20/06 4:52 AM GMT
This is remarkable! Wow. This is amazing. So classy...going into my favorites! Great job, keep them coming!
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05/08/06 6:53 AM GMT
wow Randy . Nice artwork. I like her placement on the screen. leaves room for Great job..keep up the nice work.. and THANK YOU for your service..highest regards...
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05/18/06 4:52 AM GMT
As I said on the negative of this drawing, your work is stunning and I adore the attention to detail and realism. Please submit more!
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If it werenít for electricity, youíd be reading this by candlelight.
10/26/06 7:33 PM GMT
I love this one! Great use of line and shape, very realistic. Thanks for the submission!
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11/16/06 8:04 PM GMT
I'm in love!!
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02/10/07 5:26 PM GMT
....this is so much better than my drawing of the elephant that got ran over by a big truck.
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07/03/07 3:50 AM GMT
amazing! Wow, you're good! Thanx for sharing!
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12/04/07 11:43 PM GMT
Amazing! You have a lot of talent, I wish I could draw like this
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01/05/08 7:20 PM GMT
she can be my co-pilot anytime!!
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