Winter in Bucegi  

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Uploaded: 04/04/10 11:25 AM GMT
Winter in Bucegi
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I took this picture while hiking in Bucegi Mountains(Romania). I liked the foggy atmosphere. Please leave a comment. I am happy you took the time to leave a comment. Thank you very much!


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04/04/10 2:40 PM GMT
Absolutely gorgeous photography. This is a beautiful composition, with the foggy mountains, the fence and the house and the line of trees. Excellent clarity and colors. Well done.
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04/04/10 4:59 PM GMT
What an idyllic setting. The valley fog also adds a bit of mystery as to what lies below.
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04/04/10 8:28 PM GMT
The atmosphere is great! I love the mist, snow, and especially the trail of smoke rising from the house from what is undoubtedly a cozy fire. Nice work! I hope you got to warm up with a cup of cocoa after your shot.
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04/04/10 9:12 PM GMT
Such an atmospheric view. I even see smoke coming from the cabin too ... perhaps someone is inside staying warm. I like how the pine trees lead the viewer in. Excellent capture.
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04/05/10 3:33 AM GMT
A lovely looking setting. I like the atmosphere created by the fog settling into the lowlands and the clouds rolling over the mountains. Nice composition in your shot and very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
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04/08/10 1:26 PM GMT
Excellent work! Beautifully composed and executed. Agree with the mentions of atmosphere, it exudes a feeling of space and yet cozy at the same time. Thank you for sharing your views.
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05/15/10 11:57 AM GMT
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01/03/14 7:52 PM GMT
Wonderful enough to keep as a special for me to look at later, thanks.
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