Miners Cabin  

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Uploaded: 04/01/05 1:49 PM GMT
Miners Cabin
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This is number 12, and the final, in my Aspen series. I could elaborate on how I managed to stumble upon this old miner's cabin, but I will pass on the rhetoric for a change. Let me instead thank everyone for your kind, and humbling words, about this series. It has been a lot of fun and I will always remember those who stopped by to view every image in this series. I remain your humble servant- Fotobob


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04/01/05 2:02 PM GMT
Thank you so much for this series. It has been a great joy to me. This photo reminds me of the old sugar shack I played in when I was a child. Mostly gone but still a place of great mystery.
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04/01/05 2:25 PM GMT
Thanks, Robert...
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04/01/05 2:34 PM GMT
Well, you're finishing off with a bang, this composition...the beauty of the trees and that old cabin has such personality and invites one to explore...thank you again for sharing this beautiful series...I've enjoyed every one.:Pat.
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04/01/05 2:43 PM GMT
Old cabin/aspens, what more could I want?
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I'm walking on sunshine! AcrossTheWorld
04/01/05 3:41 PM GMT
I echo Morwyn's thoughts. Thanks for a wonderful series, my friend. Art show quality work - all of them. Kudos :)
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04/01/05 8:37 PM GMT
Delapatated buildings rock!!!
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04/02/05 7:05 AM GMT
Good morning Robert.
I have enjoyed the series. Like everything, it had to end somewhere, and this is a beautiful image to end with. Thank you.
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04/02/05 8:08 AM GMT
Thanks for the beauty of this series Bob. The colors of the grasses here blend with the colors of the woods & the cabin....the Aspens are a gorgeous topper along with the sky! Looking forward to your next series :~)
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~ Mimi~
04/02/05 11:24 AM GMT
Awwwww no more Aspen shots... i knew this was yours as soon as i saw the trees... :) I have enjoyed the series.. they are beautiful shots and this one is perfect... I just love those trees.. they really stand out against the blue sky... great colour, light and composition... just perfect... thanks Bob for sharing these pics... its been a pleasure looking at them... :D
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04/04/05 11:26 PM GMT
Beautiful series Bob. Thanks for sharing. I think your next project should be to rebuild the cabin to all it's glory. Cheers Al.
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04/05/05 2:04 AM GMT
I love this series (especially since I love the aspen tree so much I almost snatched one and brought it back to South Carolina). This is a wonderful composition to end it on-well balanced with really nice color. :)
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04/05/05 3:15 AM GMT
Top of new images .. right where it belongs!
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04/05/05 6:17 AM GMT
OH how I adore those trees!! its like the sun kissed them for sure! These photos of this series of yours has been such a pleasure to view! And the miners cabin sure reminds me of the little ghosttown of Bannack...I gotta get busy on that site...Robert. I do appreciate your time out there finding these great shots to share with us all. We learn and we love more by things like these photos . Its wonderful to get to know you more too!!
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04/09/05 8:20 PM GMT
what a great shot Bob.. the colors are fantastic.. i love the old shack.. ive always been drawn to these type of shots.. something about imagining how life was back then really intruiges me..

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04/24/05 12:53 AM GMT
I love the background color of the trees, thanx for sharring.
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The Artist Formerly Known as B1aze!
10/28/05 3:37 AM GMT
Bob, I just went through all your pictures and decided to tell you how much I am impressed here, because it's the grand final of the Aspen series and because this picture is my favourite. I will have to open you a separate folder in my computer :), really, really, great work! I don't know where I have been all this time not to see all these awesome pictures!
This picture is different in a way that it has some emotion in it - beautiful, peacefull, but feels nostalgic somehow, like something good that has gone away, just like the cabin.
My compliments!

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07/13/06 9:17 PM GMT
Wonderful shot thanx for sharing.
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08/24/10 6:54 PM GMT
I really enjoy your photography. I spend time twice a year up around Platora. There is no place on earth prettier when the aspen turn. I so look forward to next month and spending a few weeks there.
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