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Ok folks.... still slow on the camera side of things so i have been playing... This is the side of a new shopping center / mall that has been recently built here in plymouth... the original looked quite nice but the design made me think of windows , so a bit of tinkering with some colour and here you go.... PLZ enjoy !! P.S looks good as wallpaper


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11/15/07 11:58 PM GMT
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11/16/07 12:10 AM GMT

Amazing what you can get Ian by hanging out of MY car
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11/16/07 12:22 AM GMT
Ian this is really a good image and yes it looks great on the desktop. sandi♥
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11/16/07 12:38 AM GMT
Ha ha, Windows! :D That was very creative of you Ian! Mac won't be pleased though :) Nice work!
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11/16/07 12:57 AM GMT
MuHaHaHa!! TOTALLY fun!! Grrreat work on this piece!!


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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
11/16/07 7:27 AM GMT
Great image, it does look good as wallpaper. Nice work.
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11/16/07 7:36 AM GMT
hahaha very funny! Love your creative idea and it sure looks very nice as desktop!
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11/16/07 5:35 PM GMT
You are absolutely right. It makes a great desktop. Great colors and very creative.


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Imagine you are there
11/17/07 6:27 AM GMT
I got this in VB Ian and gave it high shows great imangination and you are right makes great DT...gerry
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11/17/07 6:50 PM GMT
oh I though it was Rubic's cube...hehe... just kidding....but a colorful Mall and a artistic shot
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11/18/07 8:58 PM GMT
Saw this in VB and loved it. Thanks for sharing.
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11/27/07 12:39 AM GMT
Wow this is soooooo cool. Like a giant Rubik's cube. You'd have to twist for ages to solve this one. Brilliant idea for a shot Ian, faved this one.
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Thanks to all my friends for the wonderful images I get to look at and learn from on Caedes every day. I always have something to say about them, but don't always have the time to record it. Please forgive me if I can't comment on all of your uploads.
12/15/07 11:08 AM GMT
Your latest work is fantastic - very sharp and cool :-)
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12/22/07 3:33 PM GMT
Very very nice work!
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03/31/08 2:58 PM GMT
Thatís creative, colourful and makes pretty good wallpaper. Maybe you should have been a graphic designer :-)
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07/22/13 12:23 AM GMT
Reminds me the reinstalled Windows of mine....
No, mine have been DULL and hell of a bother only, while these are are so special and elegant!
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With all my love and respect, Marzena

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