In The Darkest Flight Of My Career  

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Uploaded: 06/29/06 3:25 PM GMT
In The Darkest Flight Of My Career
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My first attempt. I nearly didn't make it in time to get even one single work to this contest :S Decided to go with the same style as my last abstract. (or actually it happened quite accidentally...) It's quite messy but that's what dreams are, aren't they? Those texts there... they maybe something that tells more than the image ever could... uhm.. hard to explain.. maybe some voices in your head. The colours were nice first but now....


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06/29/06 3:47 PM GMT
I love the added text. It's not an optimal color-scheme for me but other then that it's just "fab".
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06/29/06 5:27 PM GMT
Just in time :P.. It looks like a nasty swamp. I liked the colours at first but then there was just something that wasn't right with them. This could be some place in a horror movie. I think I like this one but not every part of it. It has less details than the last one and it's more peaceful, like a dream. And that car doesn't look like a vacuum cleaner to me in this one ;D
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06/29/06 5:47 PM GMT
Cool Janne, I like the colours you chose as well as some of the random images throughout the image..My dreams are like that, where I will have glimpses of old dreams or just random obejcts or places. Nice entry and good luck!
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Joga Bonito Check this out!
06/29/06 6:21 PM GMT
This could represent a troublesome or worrisome dream. Like static cling, it draws all elements together in a wrinkled digital fabric. The colors really compliment the edgy nature of this image. I think it's great!
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"The promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee, so I shall live for today and live for me." -- Smoosh. Please feel free to visit my Gallery. Your feedback and critiques are always greatly appreciated.
06/29/06 8:06 PM GMT
Well I knew you would come up with something quite thought-provoking...fascinating to view and wonder over which is exactly what dreams often present to us...a strange mixed landscape to ponder...good work and good luck...glad you made it on time and btw, you could still put your other one (In the Shadows They Lurk ) in the contest gallery if you wanted two entries...I still think that's a good one and appropriate for the contest theme.:Pat.
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07/04/06 11:03 PM GMT
Man, even nicer than the other one I commented on! This will probably be my new desktop tonight!
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