beethoven's brain  

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Uploaded: 11/10/03 12:48 AM GMT
beethoven's brain
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This came out horribly, but I thought I'd post it anyways..


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11/10/03 12:53 AM GMT
Well, I guess it wouldn't be Beethoven's brain.. it has too many compositions by composers that were born after he died :P
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11/10/03 1:17 AM GMT
It may not have come out as well as expected but I love the idea. I think you should try and fix it...the result should be wonderful.
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11/10/03 2:13 AM GMT
Actually I really like it. Did you consider maybe making some of the pages transparent? I'd probably delete all the black area so that I could layer more music on as needed.
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11/10/03 2:54 AM GMT
incredible idea gateway! I dont see what u dont like about it. If i didnt wanna win the contest myself, i would say its the best one! =)
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11/10/03 3:37 AM GMT
the idea is solid, i like the negative image and the colors you applied over. the composition, and the way you cut off some of the sheets but still left some black spaces, could be worked on or arranged more carefully.
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11/10/03 4:35 AM GMT
It's supposed to be papers that are overtop one another.. the only problem is, with the way I arranged it, you can't see the shadows except on one..
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11/11/03 4:33 AM GMT
The use of entire pages doesn't really fit as Beethoven's music, and thinking seemingly, was largely thematic -- taking small ideas and running with them. For example, 3/4 of the movements of the 5th symphony revolve around, or perhaps evolved out of, that opening 4-note motif. The Chorale movement and the lyrics of the 9th were in the back of his head for half of his life until finally emerging as, arguably, the greatest piece of music ever written. My compositional nit-picking aside, I like the idea and the image. :)
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11/11/03 8:06 PM GMT
I came up with the name out of the blue, while I was in the process of uploading the picture.. it had no theme (directly related to Beethoven, that is) other than music.
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11/13/03 8:58 PM GMT
I think it's a good idea besides, though another name would be more befitting. I like the negative effect you used as well as mixing all the different pieces.
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11/14/03 4:56 PM GMT
it has a 3d quality to it.. i like it
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12/21/03 8:38 PM GMT
This is a really good idea and I like the result. Looks great.
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01/17/04 8:19 PM GMT
Aside from the anachronologicality of the music and the tidy structure that Beethoven's brain surely would not have had, it's a great image and a really creative idea. I rather like it.
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01/23/04 10:03 AM GMT
yep.. i agree with the great idea part, and I love the colours that you chose. and, the part above that this would be much more appealing and beautiful if you were to actually touch up on it.
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a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. = )
03/12/04 6:40 PM GMT
I like the different colors and how they contrast with the black backround !
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06/19/04 10:22 PM GMT
lol, it probably was like this!
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04/15/05 1:24 AM GMT
I really like the work actually. As a musician, I'm curious as to what pieces you used in it that arent already named (the ones you cant the see the names of). I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks.
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05/20/05 11:46 PM GMT
hey , i really like this! 10!
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11/25/05 3:51 PM GMT
very interesting, whaoo!
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12/06/05 2:27 AM GMT
I like the idea. It reminds me of a couple of music majors i use to know. i know thier brains must look like this. even if you don't like it you can always keep trying to get it just perfect in your own eye.
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05/23/06 3:34 AM GMT
Nice creative image - and well thought title. Nice variety of music which is dancing off the page :) Like the different colors of the music - "In the Hall of the Mountain King" is a fav of mine. I'd give this a 10.......
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07/15/06 2:39 PM GMT
it is so good
well done
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08/02/06 6:52 AM GMT
I love music notes! So, I think that this is awesome. I think maybe if there were fewer sheets of music, and the view was a little more "zoomed in", than it would look..."not-so-busy". But other than that, I really like it! You did a good job. -carrie-
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