Belogradchik fortress-Kale (top)  

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Belogradchik fortress-Kale (top)
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Belogradchik fortress was extended and mainly build during the Ottoman rule over Bulgaria. The Romans were the first to use the natural advantages of these rocks to build a fortress. This is a view from the top of the fortress looking down.


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10/04/10 1:04 PM GMT
This is a tad overexposed or too light - but believe me - you have captured such an amazing view - I don't mind! :)
You captured the scale of these immense formations - what an incredible sight this must be in real life!Thank you for showing us this!
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10/05/10 2:40 PM GMT
The place looks very good,very good composition,the view is pleasant too.Welcome to this site.
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10/05/10 8:58 PM GMT
Great photo of a fascinating piece of history. The sky and the trees/hills in the distance are a bit washed out. Thank you for the history lesson!
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10/06/10 9:12 PM GMT
It is a bit bright...but the view is just incredible!
I have the urge to see this place for myself. It's amazing!
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10/08/10 1:12 PM GMT
Looks like an amazing place. :) The photo is good as well the only thing that I don't like here is how pale (white) the sky looks. Have you tried adding more color (contrast) to this photo?
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