Pop Tops  

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Uploaded: 07/01/05 11:05 PM GMT
Pop Tops
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No one can deny that soft drinks are a huge part of our culture...seems like they're coming out with new flavors/diet editions several times a year now!


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07/01/05 11:47 PM GMT
by far this is my favorite image from the pop art contest.
sodas do seem to be a very trendy thing at present.
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07/02/05 2:10 AM GMT
Yes, I'm thinking this is the best so far. It's orginal and a very nice job!
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07/02/05 2:40 AM GMT
I'll agree with both comments above. Best one I've seen yet!! So simple... Nice!
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07/02/05 1:34 PM GMT
Love it! it immediately grabbed my attention and was the only one I was drawn too right away. The contrast w/ the open cans is excellent. It has such a great circular flow and the mild color is intriguing w/out being over bearing.
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07/02/05 2:23 PM GMT
Hi. Nice work. Good job on the can rotations too. Good strong contest image. Good luck.
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07/02/05 2:49 PM GMT
I think you may be capturing the essence of the pop art idea here. Definitely an Andy Warhol influenced idea. And the play on words/images is great.
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07/03/05 11:19 PM GMT
ditto from me.
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07/04/05 1:24 PM GMT
I know it may sound strange , but why are two of the cans oval? I feel if they had been round, would have been a better image. Just my thoughts.
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07/04/05 6:27 PM GMT
Excellent submission...I believe you've got it bang on in terms of style and contest requirements...well done and Good Luck.:Pat.
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01/11/09 6:00 AM GMT
it definitely pops
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