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Uploaded: 11/09/03 11:01 PM GMT
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all this sci-fi has really gone to my head.. i can only apologise for it and try and work it out of my system... this ones a little busy and i loose my icons, but i still like it a lot!


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11/10/03 2:30 AM GMT
i like it a lot. theres a lot going on, but i don't think its too busy. the colors great, and i really like the border on the top left and bottom right. nice job!
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11/10/03 12:34 AM GMT
it's very nice! I like those 'flashy' colors, there are good together. Good job!
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11/10/03 4:57 PM GMT
cheers muchly.. i really was a little unsure about putting it up...the image works, but as a wallpaper??.. but those reservations aside. its managed to do a 2 week 'tour of duty' on my desktop without me having to destroy it.. mind you, ive got about 6 other versions of it, but none of these survived for more then minutes before being remade...:D
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12/11/03 5:53 AM GMT
GASP! Reminds me of a butterfly,I love this! I'm not big on any type of pink anywhere but it looks good in this, goes well with the red and orange.*sigh* I'm such a sucker for blue as well...-Meg (Sci Fi never gets old)
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Got Sharpie?
12/12/03 2:24 AM GMT
your the second person to comment on a butterfly... i didnt see it in there till after i posted.. to me its something else entirely! :D glad you you enjoyed it :D thanks saying so ;D
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- "I dont have my own opinions, i just get them from books i read"
01/23/04 5:18 PM GMT
Imaginative, creative, and great colors on top of that.
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02/12/04 10:45 PM GMT
Perhaps a butterfly.
Very good work.
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Look around and catch it !
07/29/08 8:06 PM GMT
well done !!!
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