Industrial Assemblage  

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Uploaded: 07/08/04 3:32 AM GMT
Industrial Assemblage
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Just playing around with stock photos from stock.xchng. All the components of this desktop can be found HERE in thier original states!


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07/08/04 4:38 AM GMT
: O I like this a lot! Nice industrial feel...dark....what more could one ask for??
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07/08/04 4:43 AM GMT
Yeoman's work VERY well done! I love your noirish techno-industrial whatever. Seeing the originals and then this -- superb! Kudos, Graeme.
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07/08/04 7:31 AM GMT
Ditto the above. Very nice dark feel to this. Great manipulations.
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...rob... Caedes Bronze
07/08/04 7:44 PM GMT
well the two Tracy's^^ said everything, fantastic manip Grim!^^
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07/09/04 10:23 PM GMT
as always especially since it is dark.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
07/09/04 10:28 PM GMT
I had so much fun putting this one together.. i was trying to work something more into it.. but in the ends opted for this as the final version.... Thanks to you all.. therese nothgin nicer than knowing someones enjoying my work! :D
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04/09/05 8:58 PM GMT
Huh, wow, I had this as my desktop for a good month, and the entire time I thought it was a real photo.. nice work!
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