Tachikoma Tribute  

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Uploaded: 03/16/05 5:34 AM GMT
Tachikoma Tribute
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I have been watching a lot of the 'Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex' and i think this has turned out to be tribute to the sentient tanks, the 'Tachikoma'. It took 10 photos to make this image, courtesy of stock.xchng, the unedited images can be seen HERE. I have also made an alternative version, which should i keep?


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03/16/05 8:37 AM GMT
& a fine tribute it is.......ur mechanized spider is very well composed, it looks only suggestion is about one of the rear left legs, i think it should be firmly planted on the ground with a solid shadow extending from it, , at the mo none of the legs that are in the scenery, really connect with the backdrop. its almost afloat, but apart from that...kudos to ur creation :~)
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04/11/05 10:13 AM GMT
This is really an amazing scene.


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10/11/05 4:39 PM GMT
I like the way that thing seams to be stepping out of the image toÖ Oh crikey I think itís after me.
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07/21/06 7:08 AM GMT
So damn nice, so fine and so good work put in 2 it.. thumps up !
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