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Illustrator to Photoshop...


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03/11/04 9:36 AM GMT
Another stunner Robert but it looks like your reaching a plateau of detail level - this is very intricate but i think if you get any more complex the images will loose some of the impact of your earlier works - but hey what do i know :-)
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03/11/04 9:47 AM GMT
I agree philcUK. I actually think that it is too busy but I thought I would upload it and get some feedback. Thanks.
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03/11/04 4:00 PM GMT
Beautifully done.
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03/11/04 4:46 PM GMT
I love the butterflies and the color scheme, excellent!
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03/12/04 12:05 AM GMT
Perhaps several different simpler patterns in different colors overlapping would add another dimension to works like this.
-Shrug- Just an idea.
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03/12/04 12:48 AM GMT
i love the colors, and the way you get mezmerized when you just look at it
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03/12/04 5:25 AM GMT
nice, bright and exotic, but dizzying
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03/12/04 5:39 AM GMT
You just keep pumpin' these awesome images out, simply awesome in my book.
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- |\/|c]{inleySh -
03/12/04 9:49 PM GMT
this has got to one of the best pics on the site in my opinion
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03/14/04 2:10 AM GMT
I really like this one, especially the colors you choose. However, I like b7 better ; )
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04/09/04 12:23 AM GMT
Simple but very cool
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04/23/04 8:48 AM GMT
Thanks to everyone for their kind comments...
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05/03/04 12:52 AM GMT
This is the best author ive ever seen!!! all of his stuff is great!
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05/05/04 4:51 AM GMT
Agh! Positively ingenious! Wonderful! How can you get so much detail in perfect symmetry from Illustrator?! I have been trying to do this for ages...
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07/15/04 6:08 PM GMT
Awesome :)
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11/30/04 2:35 PM GMT
nice intricate image
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05/01/05 3:37 PM GMT
Awesome conception and execution...
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08/09/05 6:40 PM GMT
Another awesome image how long do they take to make?
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01/11/06 1:49 PM GMT
I think this is fabulous. I dont think it is to busy at all. I love the colors and the overall design and butterflies works well together. A 10/10 from me along with it in my fav's. Great desktop!!
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07/31/06 3:52 AM GMT
Incredible work.
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07/02/07 5:07 AM GMT
AWESOME work !!!!! You are such a wonderful artist
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07/17/10 3:32 PM GMT
amazing work >.<
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