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I'm starting to discover a different kind of "Indian" art. This time the influence is from India as opposed to American Indian. Created as vector artwork in Illustrator and rasterized in Photoshop.


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07/07/06 1:08 PM GMT
Dude this is awesome! I bet you can lay down some spectacular tattoos! =)
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07/07/06 2:59 PM GMT
Oooh... you sure know how to use illustrator^^. really like the complexity in this, all the details. it's strong, powerfull and expressive... A really cool design Groo2k^^
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07/07/06 4:12 PM GMT
i like work when its displayed in muted colours, shows the strength of the design/er. very fine work here. how long did it take u do this?
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Regards . Avi . Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!
07/07/06 4:53 PM GMT
As usual - fantastic work. I think I love everything that you do!
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07/07/06 7:34 PM GMT
Nice work, the more muted feel gives a more subtle edge to the work.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius
07/08/06 7:26 PM GMT
A wonderful image design. Well done.
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07/09/06 3:32 AM GMT
Always awesome work you do, my friend. This one's no exception. Lovely!
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07/09/06 1:42 PM GMT
Amazing detail, so much to look at here. Very talented work Robert!
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Would you like one ?
07/11/06 5:18 PM GMT
great job!
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07/17/06 7:53 AM GMT
This is so cool. Wonderful patterns, shapes and line work.
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It was beauty killed the beast -King Kong
07/18/06 2:04 AM GMT
Dude .. we gotta make our own money .. You do the plate work and i'll crinkle it so it looks used

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08/04/06 2:16 PM GMT
I love this design...Keep up the good work...Kat
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09/01/06 1:18 AM GMT
I can definitely see the influences in your work. Some of your other stuff reminded me of japanese, and mayan art. another great one.
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09/22/06 10:38 PM GMT
oh my gosh! all your work is incredible! it is simply amazing, i cannot think of any relevant critiques of it.
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11/03/06 11:31 AM GMT
A very promising direction for you - I'd love to see what you could do with Australian aboriginal (indigenous) art......
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Never give up. “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” John Quincy Adams
03/14/07 4:42 AM GMT
good stuff
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05/16/07 2:07 AM GMT

- cfr
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05/07/08 4:52 PM GMT
This would make neat packaging for some product.
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05/17/09 10:06 PM GMT
Man you need to do a tutorial, i would love to learn how to do anything half as cool as this.
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