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Uploaded: 09/19/05 7:38 PM GMT
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Apophysis render. Hope you like it!


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09/19/05 8:02 PM GMT
I do like, especially the colors in the center! The colors that are on the sides are actually not my favorites or colors that I would like but I do like that they are on the sides for the icons, also, the sides are a little grainy but not bad! Great job.
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09/19/05 8:29 PM GMT
Interesting pattern, but the colors don't really work. the beige and grey don't really go with the other colors. Actually, I think it would look better if you focused more on the beige, brown and grey colors, and take out the blue and purple.
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09/19/05 8:41 PM GMT
I like the way the blues mingle and then at the edges get grey and cream makes it look like these circles are fading into drkness..I like it.Good for a desktop wallpaper...
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09/19/05 9:26 PM GMT
Nice fractal... interesting combination of colors in this one - the design is very nice, and I like the way the colors fade off, as Verena said. Well done...
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-userone- (Gallery)
09/19/05 9:28 PM GMT
the level of detail here is excellent and the colour range works very well indeed.
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09/19/05 11:08 PM GMT
I agree with Phil and exellent image. Colors are great along with the design.
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09/19/05 11:26 PM GMT
Not a bad fractal, Oddly almost looks symmetrical, makes you look at it. I do see some graininess, but it might only show up on my monitor. I would like to see what you could do with this if you manipulated it a bit. Quite an interesting fractal..
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09/19/05 11:33 PM GMT
Great flame... I like the texture it does look fiberous.... the gradient works very well with it... nice work...
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09/19/05 11:59 PM GMT
Well, this is certainly one of those images where I don't understand some of the comments that precede mine. It looks clean to me. It's well balanced in color and light and the tones are tones I tend to use often in my home. Blues and browns work for me I guess. I also like the semi-circles as opposed to the more common completed circles. Uncomplicated works for me and so does the nice even coverage with outer edges for folders. I like this alot. fav.
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09/20/05 1:49 PM GMT
Some awesome color and contrast in this one. Nice work
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09/22/05 11:57 AM GMT
I like this a lot! I really like the texture and all the detail on it. The colours are very good for it too. Keep'em coming.
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Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Check this out!
09/28/05 4:32 AM GMT
This is cool like it very
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03/17/06 10:12 PM GMT
Great picture, like the swirls, and subtle colour difference. Nice contrast between the colours.
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04/26/06 11:32 AM GMT
I'd have to agree, the colors are beautiful and i love how the ends of the shapes look stretched. this is now on my desktop and it looks awesome. gratz
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12/28/06 5:39 AM GMT
Amazing, love that style of abstract.
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Check out ze gallery or have a look at the new contest idea.
02/13/09 10:02 AM GMT
My new background.

Amazing creation, dude.
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