Montserrat, Catalunya, Spain.  

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Uploaded: 06/24/08 9:43 PM GMT
Montserrat, Catalunya, Spain.
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Taken during an architecture trip. Taken from the mountain toward the monastery. Not sure if it's the correct category to place it, first picture uploaded here. (Might be a bit crappy due to a compact digital camera being used ;))


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06/25/08 1:08 AM GMT
Right category for me. Like the composition, really get a feel for the expanse of the country. Interesting looking place to be sure.
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06/25/08 3:01 AM GMT
Beautiful Shot, What a view, Very well done.
Welcome to Caedes

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WARNING: When zooming in, Objects may seem closer than they appear!.
06/25/08 6:46 AM GMT
Thanks for the kind welcome. Was kinda amazed myself to see this photo actually being this good in comparison to the others I took during the trip ;)

Just to take a trip outside the "big citys" like Rome/Barcelona gives you some perspective on things.
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06/30/08 3:02 PM GMT
Welcome to caedes.
for a point and shoot camera you did good. a lovely view that prompts me to think about the monks of old and how they would go in to 'white martyrdom' to seek God out in solitude but ended up having a following show up to build these great communities int the most remote of places.
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