2008 Caedes Version  

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Uploaded: 05/03/08 7:42 PM GMT
2008 Caedes Version
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I had a 2007 version with just 2007 on it. Someone on dA asked if I could do one for '08 with the dA logo and I thought I would make one for you guys here on Caedes also!


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05/03/08 9:48 PM GMT
Great Job! I love it!
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05/06/08 4:14 AM GMT
I like that ALOT!!!

I think I would have made the Caedes Logo, stand out...just a bit more. But this is definately cool!!
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05/07/08 7:52 AM GMT
Clean and simple, love the look though I agree with 'foxfire66' just a little more definition on the logo.

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05/07/08 11:41 AM GMT
I was after a Minimalistic effect similar to my original I did in 2007. But I did make a PhotoShop Brush and Custom Shape of the logo so I will be adding it to future work also. Since a couple have asked so far I might go ahead and make one like this again with a brighter Spider. Should I include the 2008 or just the spider, what color would you like to see?
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05/07/08 4:46 PM GMT
I love it !!!!!!!!!
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Surfs Up, Stan
12/12/23 2:10 AM GMT
Like my character several months back, I'm going to join The Order again but this time, RP harder retro bowl college
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