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Uploaded: 10/19/08 6:34 PM GMT
Learn how to make this!
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Incendia 1.0 is a new 3D fractal generator and a lot of people have shown an intrest in the prog but it takes a bit of figuring out and there`s nothing really out there in way of tutorials, I thought I would make something really easy so people could get a bit of a handle on it.

This was made using only 2 base shapes to keep it simple and I will write this slowly as I know some of you aren`t fast readers hehe

We good to go? right ok! First up were going to make the base so on the fractal page scroll down the the fractal type till you get to number 12 Appollonian type and highlight it. When you`ve done that we need to generate a sorta large circular shape thing soo keep pressing new fractal till you get something bigish.

When you`ve got that were going to add the shapes so hit the editors tab then click the baseshapes tab then hit edit,then hit new. Now on the right theres a bit a bit that says panel and we need to check points so we can see whats going on. You should now see a large sphere. Now were going to scale the shape. Now I`m going to give you my settings but you don`t need to be exact but this should give you an idea of whats happening

Slide the depth up to 4 radius 0.291 p1 0.750 p2 7.000 p3 0.600

You should now see like some big bubbles but if not don`t worry.....yet

Now were going to add another shape so press new then check the shape below the sphere in the new shapes bit, I told you I`d make it easy!

Now the sliders set Depth 40 radius 1.386 p1 0.149 p2 0.250 p3 ).000

We should now have something that looks like the thing I posted in bw.

Now staying on this new shape in the bit that says on the tab that says material it will be checked 0 so you wanna check 1. Once you`ve done that go back and change the panel view from points back to vector so we can now colour it.

Now go back to the render tab and with any luck you should see an image like the one I`ve posted now if you don`t hit the new fractal button till you do. Now it`s going to look kinda pink and black so where it says save bit map below that will have a 0 now that will colour our sphere and if you hit the right arrow so you see 1 the two circles with the colour to the right will now be like chessboards, so by clicking on the top one the texture panel will open so go click on a colour and do the same with the bottom chessboard bit. Now as you`ve got 2 shape experiment with both of them by using the arrow to go back and forth till you find a nice combo.

Once your happy click ok. Now enable fog will be checked and we also want to check sky light so now down the bottom there will be sliders with colours to get this on I had the blue slider up about a fifth and the green up about a quarter of the way.

Once you`ve done that you might wanna adjust the lighting angle so go hit the camera tab and play with the light direction to get something your happy with and thats us done all we gotta do now is render it so all you do is go back to the render bit (change the colours a bit mnore if you like) then hit the bit that says render in the bottom right. Now unlike most other fractal progs Incendia will render for ever so it`s up to you how long you wanna render it, I would recomend at least 4 hrs for this however more complex ones take much longer however by going to the fractals page you can save the render hitting save buffers and pick up from where you left off by`ve guessed it hitting load buffers. Now you`ve rendered it for a few hours so all you do to save it is press save bitmap on the renders page and thats you got your picture. To upload to Caedes you gotta convert it to a png as the file size is to big.

I hope this was easy to follow and gives people a handle on scaling the shapes as that seem to be a key area. I`m most definetly not an expert with Incendia but I am very happy to help anybody if I can.

Also just thought I`d mention Incendia is still in development and the guy that made this prog really needs donations to keep it going so if you can help him a little theres a bit on the Incindia link above where you can make a donation.

I hope this tut helps and I can`t wait to see what you can make!

Ian :)


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10/19/08 6:40 PM GMT
Point click crop contrast balance bit of tweaking and post. Makes photography look easy.
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Don't take any notice of my comments. I post pictures that get a CI of 0! Crysophilax's Gallery and Web Page
10/19/08 6:48 PM GMT
hehehe, i know what im gonna do tommorrow..... nice one for the tutorial, you know how dumb i am regarding fractals! thats a nice fractal!! maybe i will actually be able to understand it now!! (I doubt it but you never know, watch this space) hehehe.
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10/19/08 7:03 PM GMT
Beautiful frac and what a tutorial! I hope it helps me Ian cause you know I need it!'m doing a copy and paste to keep this for sure! And a fave on the frac! Excellent on both!
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Love and live.
10/19/08 7:06 PM GMT
A Very Beautiful work with Fantastic colors and design..
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10/19/08 7:50 PM GMT
WHOA!! Wicked 'n' wild works!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
10/19/08 8:16 PM GMT
Thank´s so much for the great tutorial. I have copied and pasted to save it for future use. I have downloaded the program but havn´t tryed it out yet. With this tutorial i might start practising :-) Great creation, love the colors and the design.
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10/19/08 9:10 PM GMT
awesome it:)
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10/20/08 2:44 AM GMT
Got this in the VB. Like the design work.
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10/20/08 7:05 AM GMT
Wow, these colours are as tho they are made of matallic substancs. Just really glowing and lovely. A very beautiful creation. I know nothing about fractals and have tried them, but it is for sure not my "thing" I'm glad you did this and I can enjoy it on my desktop..thankies..Verena
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Courage is fear that has said its prayers.
10/20/08 11:48 AM GMT
I love the way you are using the fractal to complement (and arrange) the shapes in there. Can't wait to go over the tutorial you've put together. Nice job Ian.
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10/20/08 2:21 PM GMT
That's a very muscular fractal shape you got there mate and a nice shot at a tutorial as well, way to go!
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"The thunderbolt falls on an inch of ground; but the light of it fills the horizon." Ralph Waldo Emerson.
10/22/08 4:18 PM GMT
Thanks for this tut. I've been scratching my head in that program never coming up with anything to post...perhaps now? At least it will make the long winter days a bit more bearable!

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11/28/08 3:42 PM GMT
thanks for sharing
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live and let live

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