Can You Feel This - Just Be Careful - Revised  

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Uploaded: 04/04/13 3:11 AM GMT
Can You Feel This - Just Be Careful - Revised
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Well folks this is a Rework of the Orginial Version and have put this image into the contest. Hope everyone likes this one better.

Took this image when we were in Colorado Springs, Colorado in at the Garden of the Gods this past June 2012. I always have fun hiking around the beautiful area and the mountains.

Did a lighter framing on this one using the program called Perfect Effects 4.

Thank you in Advance for your time and comments. Also would like to thank those who commented on the one I posted yesterday which was taken down, for unknown reasons.

Have a great day, ♥ Skates

Heading out to Shovel the White Stuff, can you believe it, & it's still coming down. As my husband teases me, he says: It's really pretty out. I had enough of pretty, lol. Enough is Enough of this winter.


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04/04/13 3:32 AM GMT
Have no clue why your other post would have been removed. This is a great shot, Pat. I like the color , textures and the shadow play.
It's a great contest entry .... Good Luck .
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04/04/13 6:17 AM GMT
It was removed because it was not sufficiently different enough from the previous version(s).
A wonderful image and lovely capture of the cacti Pat. Lovely colours and details in the photo, and nice lighting of the scene. Best of luck in the contest.
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04/04/13 7:22 AM GMT
Nice revised shot, Pat. Good luck, my friend.
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04/04/13 7:29 AM GMT
I love this version, too. Good luck.
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04/04/13 12:08 AM GMT
Pat, I think Wendell is probably right about why it was removed. Not a enough difference in post work to warrant having two up. I remember reading something about that a long time ago. In any case girlfriend, this is still a superb entry, and I do like this one better. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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04/04/13 5:54 PM GMT
The photo is bright and nice Pat and yes, I can feel those sharp thorns. Good entry gor the contest.
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04/04/13 6:57 PM GMT
Very thorny! I like the improvement, much better... I agree with Tigs and Wendell about the original, can't think of any other reason... Great entry and good luck!
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04/05/13 3:46 AM GMT
Very nice, Pat. The lighting follows the pyramid shape of the cacti.
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04/05/13 7:47 PM GMT
Thumbs up for this one Pat. Very nice re work! Good luck in the contest.
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04/06/13 4:03 AM GMT
I like the spotlighting that appears on the cacti. Perfect Effects 4 is a nice free set of presets and I think you chose the right effect. Good luck in the contest Pat.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
04/06/13 6:11 AM GMT
I didn't think this image could get any better because it was so great to begin with! An excellent rework Pat!
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04/06/13 1:47 PM GMT
Great photo Pat !!
I like the light in this one !!
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04/07/13 2:33 PM GMT

This one is a winner in my book Pat.

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04/07/13 8:27 PM GMT
It looks great! Good luck in the contest.
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04/08/13 7:55 AM GMT
I would not like to step on these by mistake. A very nice capture that lets the thorns show. Good luck in the Contest!
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