B/W Challenge - Common Loon  

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Uploaded: 04/10/13 8:35 PM GMT
B/W Challenge - Common Loon
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Decided to make this into a black & white from the original version called Cruising Along the River. Image was taken in 2010 on the St. Mary's River along our waterfront.

Want to add this to the Wednesday B/W Challenge. Hope you enjoy.

Thank You in Advance for your comments and taking the time out to come by.


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04/10/13 9:00 PM GMT
A very nice shot for the b&w challenge. The bird is very nicely captured and the tones are very good.
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04/10/13 11:10 PM GMT
I really like this one girlfriend, it's perfect for the challenge.
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04/10/13 11:29 PM GMT
Beautifully done in black and white.
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04/11/13 12:52 AM GMT
You did a great job with this black and white, Pat. The duck looks great, and I bet no harm came to it in the desaturation process. LOL
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04/11/13 1:01 AM GMT
So what am I missing? What is this Wednesday B/W challenge??? BTW this is one nice shot. I've never seen a Loon before. It's a pretty bird.
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04/11/13 1:22 AM GMT
Sheri... a special for you&others reading this...
    Discussion Board
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    B/W Wednesday Challenge Entries
Follow the path and you should be able to join us...
Remember... to participate you must post a bw then alert LynEve that you want said-posting entered into her Challenge (and you can have more than 1 entry) then you wait until your entry is selected by someone which then gives you the task of selecting the next image to be moved from the Available for Selection (entries) into the Selected!
You might get more info from the two other B/w groupings in the M-I P area. ☺

And so a hijacking doesn't occur... Pat, Nice job with this one!... and I never thought of a loon as a pretty bird... but I do know it has a most distinctive call!   Loon Call @YouTube!
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04/11/13 2:06 AM GMT
This is beautiful and so crisp and clear in B&W! I love it Pat, excellent work my friend!!
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04/11/13 2:22 AM GMT
Good clarity and details in the photo Pat. A nice smooth texture in the water and a good b/w presentation of the image.
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04/11/13 3:02 AM GMT
Love this Pat . Great entry for the challenge !
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04/11/13 3:54 AM GMT
Good one! And great entry for the challenge... This reminds me that I heard a loon calling on one of our ponds the other day, for the first time! Exciting...
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04/11/13 3:36 PM GMT
Beautiful B/W shot Pat. A real winner.
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04/11/13 4:50 PM GMT
This is one stunning B&W photo and I love the detail plus the ripples in the water and nice frame work too.Good luck in the contest and this one stands a good chance of winning as it a win from me.
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04/11/13 4:59 PM GMT
This is a great capture Pat and the B&W conversion turned out very well - exceptional work my friend.
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04/11/13 6:47 PM GMT
I'm not crazy about the inside frame but it's a excellent Loon shot, Pat. Beautiful detail. Can't wait to hear them again.
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04/12/13 9:43 PM GMT
A fine shot my Friend; and, I like the B/W as well. There is a peaceful feeling here...nice.
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04/13/13 8:33 AM GMT
Nice challenge, even in B/W. Great work, Pat.
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04/13/13 8:53 AM GMT
Lovely and attractive image, I love it. Very good work.
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04/17/13 4:17 PM GMT
Great use of the B&W Pat !!
Excellent framing !!
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