Circle Made of Sand  

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Uploaded: 03/12/15 6:33 PM GMT
Circle Made of Sand
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While walking along the Boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Jan 14, 2015. There were 4 big Sand Sculptures down on the beach, this one was my favorite of them all. This one was around 1.524meters/5ft high and amazing to see in person all the detail & work that went into each of the designs.

One man made them all and I asked him how long it took him to create this one, if I remember correctly he told me 4 days. Can you imagine playing in the sand for that, lol & he made all the sculptures himself.

Only thing I did was was: to bring out more detail and brighten up the colour using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 also used to make it smaller & create the framing..

Let me know what you think, if I should enter this into the current contest.

Thank So Very Much In Advance for you Comment and for stopping by.

Have a good day, ♥ Skates


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03/12/15 6:37 PM GMT
It would an unusual entry Pat and very different from any other entry so far so I say "go for it'!
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03/12/15 6:57 PM GMT
It looks great piece for the contest. .unusual tosay the least.

Well captured with fine details
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03/12/15 6:58 PM GMT
He sure is creative, this is really a good find girlfriend. You did good!:)tigs=^..^=
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03/12/15 7:06 PM GMT
----Can you imagine playing in the sand for that----

Pat, in my childhood I did an attempt for that, but I wasn't successful because I fall asleep after a couple of hours, lol.

Very creative art, and seen very well my friend. It's anyhow a wonderful approach of the contest topic.

Good Luck with it!!!
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03/12/15 7:09 PM GMT
Wow this is amazing especially how sharp the detail is in the sand and being round you would think it would collapse under the weight .Well done to a great capture and definitely one for the contest Pat.Plus I love the blue backdrop too.
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03/12/15 7:35 PM GMT
Hard to imagine these sculptures being made out of sand Skates!
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03/12/15 7:38 PM GMT
A work of art...R.
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03/12/15 7:46 PM GMT
It always amazes me to see the amount of work someone will put into something that is going to be destroyed in a few days - sand castles washed away with the tide or ice sculptures melt away. This is a lovely example of talent Pat. A great entry - Good Luck in the contest.
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03/12/15 7:58 PM GMT
Great close-up well done Pat.
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03/12/15 8:07 PM GMT
Very beautiful work to those who build this, Well captured Pat.
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03/12/15 8:19 PM GMT
I've always had great admiration for people who can create such amazing sand sculpures. This work of art is quite spectacular - the detail work is magnificent!!! That man was born with an innate talent - this would be a great entry for the contest!!! Nice one Pat!!!
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03/12/15 8:21 PM GMT
It is very good and unusual so I think it would make a great contest entry Skates.
He was probably "as dark as night," from playing in the sand.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
03/12/15 9:33 PM GMT
I say go for it, Pat. It's most unusual as it is made of sand, it's a circle and a lovely photo.
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03/12/15 9:50 PM GMT
This will be an excellent entry so far the contest Pat. Very nice capture with the beach, sea and sky as background and the circle looks superb!
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03/12/15 10:16 PM GMT
Absolutely you should enter this, Pat...a unique find and marvellous sand sculpture...good detail and capture of luck in the contest.
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03/12/15 11:01 PM GMT
What a find. Fantastic. A great entry in the contest Pat.

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03/12/15 11:07 PM GMT
Wonderful artist, terrific photo and a great entry.
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03/12/15 11:59 PM GMT
What a great find that is! You did a great job capturing it, too Pat. Excellent focus, and the rest of the shot is beautiful too. Good luck in the contest.
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03/13/15 12:44 AM GMT
Your composition is so artful in this Pat. You have given this masterpiece a very pretty background. Thanks for sharing this talented artist's work by photography. It is a real nice one for the contest.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
03/13/15 3:58 AM GMT
a work of art from the sculptor and you.
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03/14/15 11:21 AM GMT
What a talented sculptor - and you captured it beautifully Pat. A unique and worthy entry for the contest.
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03/14/15 10:39 PM GMT
I've seen this in the comp entries and am impressed, wtg Skates!
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03/17/15 2:35 AM GMT
A good capture of the sand sculpture, Pat. Nice details and colours in the photo. Best of luck in the contest.
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03/17/15 12:26 AM GMT
oh my! this is a great pic for the contest Skates. i love this shot!! i would like to play around with this one in software myself. its a beauty! lovely detail might i add.

you are getting so good with your camera. i see lots of improvements that show an increase in skill and a comfront you must have with your camera now. dont sell yourself short..a very well done pic in my opinion.
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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
03/19/15 2:20 PM GMT
What a nice sculpture, also nicely captured.
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03/22/15 7:44 PM GMT
Faved & saved at once for the future extensive & intensive use as DT. Thanks, agent dear.
Hugs from
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
07/13/16 6:04 PM GMT
Some people have lots of talent to spend this time working in sand. Good photo.
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