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Took this picture this morning (2015, 08-04)around 10:45am this morning. What a wacky weather we sure are having. Yesterday the snow was beginning to melt away and could see grass at the edge of the driveway. It is suppose to rain this afternoon.

I know this isn't the best image but just thought this would be a good one for Wacky Wednesday, hope you like it. It was brought o my attention by susanlynn, it's a great B/W, and it's the actual colours. I'll put this into the Challenge.

Must view in full to see the hint of green in the pine/cedar trees in the distance. Just because the snows coming down a lot it almost covers the colours.

Brought out more detail in the snow and our lamp post at the front door - using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and the downsizing I used, didn't do anything to the colour, that's the real colours.

Thank You So Much in Advance for your comments, most welcomed.

Have a great day, ♥ Skates


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04/08/15 3:53 PM GMT
It's a lovely b&w photo Pat but I am so sorry to hear You are still having snow up there. Hang in there, it cannot last.
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04/08/15 4:07 PM GMT
Don't underestimate this picture, Pat. I think it is very creative and artistic. I thought, too, it was black and white at first glance...but then noticed the hint of color in the trees. Excellent composition, as well. Good job, Pat.
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04/08/15 4:11 PM GMT
Great shot Pat very well captured.
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04/08/15 4:16 PM GMT
I seen what has happened in your parts....Weather is crazy...ain't it! .. You still got a great picture though!
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04/08/15 4:27 PM GMT
I think this is a lovely image because the lamps are in sharp focus and make a good contrast to the scene behind which is blurred by the snowfall Pat.
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04/08/15 4:29 PM GMT
Oh Pat, I feel for you...we had some of this stuff a few days ago today it is pouring rain and even some thunder...wacky weather and a perfect post for the old street lamps.
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04/08/15 4:54 PM GMT
You're a 'lucky' person Pat, having a 'wintry wonderland' in the spring. You know that I'm kidding now. Anyhow a good one for Wacky Wednesday and a proper entry for the challenge.
In the area where I live we had 16 degrees Celsius today and the sun was shining bright. Hope that you won't feel envied now.
Wish you a lot of strength with your shoveling, lol.
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04/08/15 5:38 PM GMT
It is a good one for WW, Skates. Your area seems to get a lot of snow. Perhaps they should host the next Winter Olympics.
Good one for the challenge.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
04/08/15 5:42 PM GMT
Love your composition and this is differently Whacky as we in the UK are have beautiful Sunday's and Friday the tempture is going to be 20 centigrade ,I do feel for you it not nice when winter will not let go.
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04/08/15 6:26 PM GMT
Man I won't give you the weather report for this area, this works very well for the challenge, soon that crap will be over with!
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
04/08/15 7:05 PM GMT
Deja vu ...? :)
Love this nature's monochrome art.
I cannot help it, I really do ! LOL
Sending sunshine your way - ETA [expected time of arrival] is day after tomorrow. Please make sure to collect the parcel coming via air mail.
Hugs from
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
04/08/15 7:24 PM GMT
Susanlyn was right Pat - this is perfect for the challenge and has some wonderful charm for a winter shot.
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04/08/15 7:47 PM GMT
Great shot, would be a good one for the b/w challenge also.
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04/08/15 8:02 PM GMT
A nice shot of this Wacky weather Pat.
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04/08/15 9:15 PM GMT
Best wishes to you and yours during this holiday season, Pat! lol.

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04/09/15 1:37 AM GMT
Skates please tell me we're not going for a walk after it stops snowing..i cant take no more! lets go back to the crusie ship, shall we?

its a great snow shot but i feel for ya still dealing with this white stuff.
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04/09/15 2:44 AM GMT
I'm sorry that snow is still hanging in there Pat. But this is a nice entry for the B&W challenge. Spring is around the corner.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
04/10/15 1:03 PM GMT
I don't envy you this weather Pat but it sure makes for a super photo !
Thanks for the BWC entry - a fine addition !
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04/11/15 12:44 AM GMT
Great composition of the wintery scene and a good capture, Pat. Nice details in the photo.
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04/14/15 4:58 PM GMT
This is spring? You probably ask if it will ever end.
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