"Duck, He's Flying Really Low"  

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Uploaded: 04/23/15 3:55 PM GMT
"Duck, He's Flying Really Low"
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A lot of activity with this big fellow flying big circles for around a hour or more over our home & city yesterday (2015, 04-22) Wednesday. So I decided to grab my camera and run out & take some pictures. Got this one flying right over me as I am standing on the front steps, before it started snowing again.

If you view in full you and call the streams coming from the 4 engines trailing behind him.

Thanks to Rich, aka: biffobear yesterday on Facebook, he told me what this big fellow is. It is a Hercules - 4-engine turboprop military transport aircraft.

I did layers using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 to bring out more detail in the actually plane using the quick selection tool, then on the background layer I brightened the background. The I cropped it some to bring more attention to the plane. The colour I didn't do anything with, this is what it was. Also used iPiccy.comto downsize the image to upload here.

Thank You So Much in Advance for your wonderful Comments and also for faving if you chose to do so.

Have a great day, ♥ Skates

Thought this would be a good one for the B/W Challenge also.


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04/23/15 4:01 PM GMT
I am not fast enough to get a shot like this. Of course, a plane would never think of flying over me with my camera in hand! Excellent work, Pat. Super shot.
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04/23/15 4:06 PM GMT
I like the silhouette aspect of this image, Pat. Your quick reflexes landed you a fine photo.
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04/23/15 4:21 PM GMT
Good shot..I've flew in these when stationed in Yemen..Very short takeoff and Landing..
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04/23/15 4:34 PM GMT
This works perfect for the challenge, I like your editing girlfriend, and I can see the streams even in small size as well.
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04/23/15 5:37 PM GMT
I like how the plane is partial silhouette with just a int of colour with the lights and very good composition too Pat .Did you fall backwards after taking this close up Pat lol.
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04/23/15 6:41 PM GMT
Once a blue moon a few F-15 fighter jets will fly over on the way back to the base, and it makes my day!
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04/23/15 7:03 PM GMT
It's a Canadian Hercules military airplane Pat, as I can see the 'Maple Leaf' on both its tail and under its right wing (on the left wing and the fuselage one can see '307').

Good one for the B&W challenge my friend.
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04/23/15 7:10 PM GMT
Terrific shot Pat!!! Really cool!!!
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04/23/15 7:22 PM GMT
Great shot of a beautiful aircraft Pat.
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Life is a Constant Audition
04/23/15 8:24 PM GMT
Very beautiful motion shot and also a good b/w for challenge.
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04/23/15 8:30 PM GMT
Great shot Pat very well captured good luck in the challenge.
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04/23/15 9:06 PM GMT
Very good shot of this big plane with clear details Pat. Well done!
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04/23/15 9:51 PM GMT
Very clear shot Pat with excellent detail - maybe they should call you "Wings" instead of Skates! LOL
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04/24/15 1:31 AM GMT
Beautiful job Pat. I like the details in this. Those propellers look very nice adding to the motion of the plane.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
04/24/15 7:02 AM GMT
The workhorse of many armed forces!....Excellent catch of this in Motion!
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04/24/15 12:53 AM GMT
A splendid capture Pat! The propellers rotating give a real impression of movement and the plane is well placed in the picture with room to fly on.
I have it on the BWC lst for next week - thank you !
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04/25/15 10:34 AM GMT
OH DANG! it! they fly some military planes by here as well.. but never low enough to get detail like this. really nice job!
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04/26/15 4:27 PM GMT
You caught this enormous plane very well Pat !!
Running fast and setting the camera is all that I can't stand...
You are more precise as me my friend !!
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04/28/15 3:21 AM GMT
They sometimes do those big lazy circles around here as well. A good capture of the Hercules plane, Pat.
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