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A tropical island with no cell phones to be seen


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06/22/04 6:29 PM GMT
Beautiful image and nice work.
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Carpe diem.
06/22/04 7:09 PM GMT
Wow, this is just awesome work! Very realistic;-)
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06/22/04 9:36 PM GMT
I really like to live there nice image
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Sous le soleil, toutes choses doivent finir un jour / Under the sun, all things must finish one day ( Legolas Lord of the rings )
06/22/04 11:58 PM GMT
Really nice work. Just beautiful.
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"
06/23/04 2:26 AM GMT
wow! this is the best (digital) picture i have seen on the site in a LONG time! EXECLLENT. what program?
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06/23/04 4:18 AM GMT
Nicely done.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
06/23/04 11:41 AM GMT
Agree with darryl,
very realistic!
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** If you try to fail and you succeed, then wich of the two did you do?
06/23/04 9:04 PM GMT
Thanks for all the wonderful comments :D
I used a program called Vue actually
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06/23/04 9:25 PM GMT
Amazing first post!!!!! Just Gorgeous!!
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B.J. ;)
06/23/04 9:39 PM GMT
İ think you are the first to have c-index of 113 at the first post...Great work...what was the name of the software again :)...
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Happiness is a behaviour.Sadness too.Make your mind CemKarahan
06/23/04 10:13 PM GMT
Awesome!!! 10/10 and in da favs!!!!!!
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06/23/04 11:05 PM GMT
Hey i like the real thing better, but i feel like i could walk in that sand. You got a 10 on this masterpeace. Dwight.
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Last Words, Either that wallpaper goes, or I do. ~~ Oscar Wilde, writer, d. November 30, 1900
07/01/04 1:42 AM GMT
This is a gorgeous render...and I'm glad you told us that it was Vue d'Esprit, since that's what I thought it might be because of those elegant palm trees. I've got Vue and have tried to use it, but have never been able to achieve anything anywhere NEAR the quality of this image. Top marks and lots of kudos (sneaking it into my Favorites as we speak). :)
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Mary in Montana
07/06/04 5:43 PM GMT
Where is the towels and cooler? I wanna go swimming!!!!
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Ange "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."
07/06/04 7:13 PM GMT
Very realistic, I like it!
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07/11/04 1:20 AM GMT
soooooo real!!!! D10F
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My image that needs some lovin'
07/12/04 1:38 PM GMT
wow this is really awesome... from the water and the sky i am guessing that you used i right?
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10/07/04 2:10 PM GMT
excellent composition. Amazing detail on the leaves in the foreground. This is so so soo awesome. it just reminds me of the morning in some tropical neverland.
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10/07/04 2:15 PM GMT
I agree with all above comments...amazingly realistic and excellent first post...we'll all be looking for more from you....this goes into my favorites and 10++ : Pat.
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"Thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its' wings but cannot fly". ~ Kahlil Gibran.
10/24/04 3:59 PM GMT
ya, this is great what program?
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Please see my image Ocean Blue and my picture Quiet creek
12/09/05 6:03 PM GMT
This is the picture that made me buy Vue 5 Infinite, This picture was done in vue. U can see by the quality of the plants.
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01/20/06 8:28 PM GMT
cool image, i like the mood of the overall image.
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10/14/08 1:59 AM GMT
It's too bad no one's bothered to comment on this nice composition in almost 3 years.

There's a pleasant and optimistic feel to it. Good medicine for our dark times.
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Trying is the first step towards failure - Homer

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