woodland bridge  

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Uploaded: 10/28/04 3:41 PM GMT
woodland bridge
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a bridge that spans over a stream in one of our parks.


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10/28/04 10:58 PM GMT
When i first saw the thumbnail.. i thought it was a painted backdrop.... lol
its a beautiful shot.. very clear and looks lovely on desktop..
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10/29/04 12:42 AM GMT
Looks like Japanese art! Very lovely image!
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10/29/04 3:12 PM GMT
Very very nice and sooo peaceful...looks like something on a post card
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Ange "Abnormality is the normality at this locality."
02/22/05 7:28 AM GMT
I like it. This reminds me of a bridge in a local park of mine. I'll have to take a picture this Spring.
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I appreciate your concern.
03/18/05 12:22 AM GMT
A beautiful picture. I love pictures of briges and this one if definetly one of the best ones I've seen.
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Aluen Ceabuna
04/24/05 6:01 PM GMT
Wonderful shot! Are there any covered bridges in your area? None here on the Island.
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04/24/05 6:33 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments, to answer your question mythD, there aren't any covered bridges that I know of around here - most of our architecture here is very utilitarian and not worth taking pictures of. This bridge is one of many in a state park near Mankato - Captured during the right time of the year, it can make a nice photo.
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01/03/06 11:39 PM GMT
Very nice picture that you captured here. I think this is a wonderful shot. I love bridges and when caught in a picture like this it just adds a little something to the surroundings. Great shot :)
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12/30/06 4:09 AM GMT
Beautiful! Very peaceful
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It's the little things in life that make me smile. :0)

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