Glen Canyon Rec Area  

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Uploaded: 09/09/06 6:36 AM GMT
Glen Canyon Rec Area
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This was taken on the way into Lake Powell. I loved the lines in these mountains. Thanks for stopping by.


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09/09/06 7:35 AM GMT
Beautiful Canyon with it's great mountains.
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09/09/06 7:48 AM GMT
Is that sand? or rock? The layering gives a very nice effect aganist that beautiful blue sky..
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09/09/06 12:25 AM GMT
really lovely, jackie. it brings back memories of beautiful colored rocks and for me cloudy skies. jen
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09/09/06 12:38 AM GMT
Very pretty image Jackie. Nicel captured and framed. I love the desert and want to get back out there next spring for the spring flowers that can be found everywhere amongst the rocks and sand. Nicely done.
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09/09/06 1:33 PM GMT
Beautiful capture of the colors. They appear so natural. What kind of camera are do you use? The sky is a beautiful blue also with it's delicate wisps of clouds. Well done.
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09/09/06 1:49 PM GMT
Great shot Jackie and I too like the different colors of the red rock country. You've captured them beautifully with excellent clarity. What a beautiful sight this is. Very well done.
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09/10/06 11:50 PM GMT
Very nice picture and well done. It should have gotten a better c-index.
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