Yellow Flower  

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Uploaded: 12/06/03 5:52 AM GMT
Yellow Flower
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This isn't too amazing, but it's a really small flower. I used a macro lens. I thought the background had a nice look. Hope you enjoy.


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12/06/03 8:55 AM GMT
a single yellow flower. i like it. the background is great, too. good colors.
thank you and have a very merry christmas!
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"my soul thirst for God, for the living God." -psalm 42:2
12/06/03 5:36 PM GMT
Very nice shot. Great detail and a very cheerful little flower.
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"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle
12/07/03 12:09 AM GMT
This really caught my eye, a lovely picture.
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12/07/03 1:58 AM GMT
The single yellow flower wouldn't really be that spectacular or impressive, but the nice contrasting red flowers in the background along with the greenery makes it a bit more interesting, imo. I also find that unless I use manual focus, it's difficult to get the focus good unless the flower is centered, which makes me tend to take more centered photos. This does tend to take away from the ability to format the composition for more interest, so I have found that editing after the fact helps a lot. Nice macro shot.
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The little things in life make a big difference.
04/17/04 3:32 AM GMT
Nice choice of background. Great shot
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If it were any less reliable, it would be called a ford
09/13/04 8:14 PM GMT
This is actually called a Buttercup. They grow in Northern Canada in the province of Newfoundland. Very beautiful wild flower. Thats the first sign of spring when you see those bloom. Great pic!
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