Queen of Spades - Water Colour  

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Uploaded: 01/06/06 4:47 AM GMT
Queen of Spades - Water Colour
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Okay, this is very different from my first one. Another technique that I'm playing with - still getting familiar with my graphics tablet. I changed the colour from the usual red and yellow to pink and purple. I was going to do the whole card but was getting very tired of painting in the small details - LOL. So, anyhow, I kind of liked the look of the half completed card and here it is. I've got an alternate version of this where the incomplete part is actually a B&W "print" of the original card - so it's half painted, half printed


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01/06/06 5:26 PM GMT
I like this alot. I think it's really original and cool.
Keep up the awesome job!
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01/07/06 12:16 AM GMT
This is great work. I would like to see that alternate version. Really much. ;) This piece is stronger then your other one IMHO. More held together and solid piece of art if you know what i mean.
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01/12/06 4:11 PM GMT
I would love to see the half printed card. I'm torn now, I really like the other victorian queen but I also like this take on the traditional as well. But I'd like to see the other half printed just for balance.
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01/23/06 7:59 PM GMT
very nice work, i like the fact that its half done. perhaps introduce more of the other half & take some away from the current half. round the edges off of the card & u will have a sweet lookingcard in my opinion. :~) keep em coming
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Regards . Avi . Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!!
01/05/07 4:30 PM GMT
I like this. It's very interesting. I like the way it is right now, but i'm still curious how it'd look with the whole card done. If you ever have spare time you should do a little of it :) But this is very good too. I like it.
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