The Way It Should Be Done  

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Uploaded: 04/02/04 8:15 PM GMT
The Way It Should Be Done
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I took this of my friend jumping a cornice at Vail. It was fun timing the shot since I couldn't see him approach. I'm really happy with the detail that came out in the snow (-0.7 exposure compensation). And I was just lucky to get a cloud right behind his upper body to set off his dark ski jacket against what would have been an otherwise dark sky. I took this as a verticle shot, which does give a better sense for the rest of the drop and more defined clouds above.


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04/02/04 8:38 PM GMT
Great pic and good jump.I like the sky too.08/10
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04/02/04 9:10 PM GMT
That's an amazing shot. Impressive athleticism on your friend's part and equally nice reflexes on yours, all against a wonderful backdrop. I hope he was able to land that okay.... :-)
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04/02/04 9:24 PM GMT
Yeah agree iwth mrwarlow that is an amazing shot. such timing. Ver nice. 10 and in my favorites
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04/02/04 9:37 PM GMT
Definitely a professional photo and makes an exciting desktop.
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04/02/04 10:19 PM GMT
Excellent capture. Snow shots are generally flat and devoid of detail. You certainly overcame that caveat. Also, your timing is perfect. Kudos.
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04/03/04 9:49 AM GMT
Excellent capture, perfect timing!
great work.
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04/08/04 3:05 PM GMT
Great shot. Love sport action shots and this is one of the best. Perfectly timed capture, whether accidental or not. Nice lighting. The snowbank in the foreground has great detail. Very well done! Congrats.
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04/09/04 9:24 AM GMT
Wow!!! Excellent capture!
You could increase the brightness and contrast though... :-)
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12/06/04 7:12 AM GMT
Vail is amazing, so many great opportunitys for amazing pics like this one.. and I wonder why I moved there. lol.
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06/02/05 4:41 AM GMT
i think the exposure compensation wasnt needed. i find the snow is a little dark for my taste and so is the sky, and the skiier. i'd proabbly have done a slightly + adjustment, then post processed to bring out snow details, if you think it really needs it.
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10/27/05 4:42 PM GMT
Great shot! I love Vail. I'm going there right before Christmas again. I tried to get a shot like that going off Iron Mask two years ago, but it didnt come out nearly as well as that!
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05/05/06 2:46 PM GMT
wow, that's beautiful.
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