Organized Chaos  

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Uploaded: 10/18/05 8:46 PM GMT
Organized Chaos
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Rules broken: (1)No rule of thirds as far as I can see... (2)Conflicting leading lines. (3)Lack of well defined focus of interest or "main subject" for that matter. (4)Failure to use the settings to frame the image. (5)Bad (well, not the best...) cropping. (6)Definitely failure of keeping simplicity, both in focal plane and in the background. (7) Bad colors. (Might be subjective... I have a strong urge to make a slight correction to the blue-cast of the image but will refrain to do so since it was specified in the contest rules.) I'm happy to say it's no "Snapshotitis Horribilis" though... (lol!) I probably missed something... Don't be afraid to tell me. ^_^


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10/18/05 9:35 PM GMT
The same comment as for your other, equally beautiful image !!! Same vote in the booth, too ...
Needless to say both images are very close at hand to jump on my desktop whenever I feel like it.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
10/18/05 10:03 PM GMT
:) Thanks!
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10/20/05 7:33 PM GMT
Mysteriously cool! I have a strong urge for you to take that blue cast out too. lol Detail perfect as usually par your macros!
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When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance... Leanne Womack
10/20/05 7:41 PM GMT
Thank you so much BJ!

lol! Honestly, it wouldn't do *that* much difference... I'd notice for sure but it's really subtle stuff that I do. Perhaps not even needed in all cases.
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11/05/05 10:30 PM GMT
Organized chaos is actually a very good title fo this, because it has a definite flow to it. As a macro, I find no flaw. And there really is a good balance to this through the use of the background areas. In the top right quadrant, the out of focus background picks up on the curve of the sharply focused horizontal blade. And in the lower left, the darkened area draws your eye up with the flowing curved blades to the upper right where they cross with the horizontal.
I like this photo, Klas.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
11/05/05 10:40 PM GMT
Thanks for the great comment! I'm glad you liked the title too. :)
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