10 of hearts (caedes deck )  

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Uploaded: 10/25/05 2:56 PM GMT
10 of hearts (caedes deck )
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my contrebution to the deck. comments are appreciated.


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10/25/05 3:39 PM GMT
Very attractive. i like your mixture of brown tones & the flame background under the hearts is very nice. Really well done.
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10/25/05 8:04 PM GMT
It's really, really good!
Nice combination of colors, inventive design.
10 of points (my deck)
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10/25/05 9:25 PM GMT
Outstanding, Kristof! Very nicely done! Wen
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10/26/05 11:19 AM GMT
Beautiful design... great colours... very nicely done....
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10/26/05 2:33 PM GMT
thx all
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
10/29/05 3:20 PM GMT
Great contribution to the deck of caedes...very well done.:Pat.
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10/29/05 4:30 PM GMT
Your time and thought put into this shows. I am excited to see this project and view yours as the first. I have a better idea as to the variety and talent we are going to see here. Well done Kristof.
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10/31/05 9:16 AM GMT
It looks pretty cool, but I don't know how practical it will be to print (assuming that ever happens of course). The design for the back of the card is especially appealing.
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10/31/05 4:18 PM GMT
Great work! so happy to see the first of hopefully many contributions to come! Nice work on the Card, id like to see the flames brighter and richer tonaly, but then im just a sucker for a good fire! I dont see why it would be any problem to print it, i mean we managed to get all the 'Bristol' ones done fine!
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11/07/05 5:13 PM GMT
Nicely done, extremely elegant design you've come up with here, the colours work perfectly. I agree about the flames being brighter and richer though, otherwise spot on.

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11/19/05 2:58 PM GMT
nice & soft. a clean representation here. i would like to see maybethe flames licking around the hearts & maybe the reflections on the hearts showing the flames as opposed to white :~) nice work
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12/02/05 2:44 AM GMT
Now that's just slick!
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11/15/08 4:42 PM GMT
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05/08/09 1:11 AM GMT
Very cool! I like the 10 of hearts!
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09/06/09 6:26 PM GMT
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