cube tutorial  

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Uploaded: 12/10/05 1:49 PM GMT
cube tutorial
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A few people have asked me how i did metallic cube ; here is the answer I used apophisys for the fractal ; the gimp for the cube (which is also possible in PS but a lot less simple ) and i finished it in PS. If you have any more questions just ask them in the discussion below and i will answer there.


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12/10/05 5:16 PM GMT
Kristof, you're the best ! You're the second person in a couple days talking about The Gimp, have to look into it. You did a great job, thank you so much ! :o )
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Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right.....Three Lefts Do ................. My Gallery
12/10/05 5:50 PM GMT
Nice job on this tutorial.. Easy to read and understand..
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One bead at a time
12/13/05 5:01 PM GMT
nice tutorial :)
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Somethings are just.. Wonderful
12/13/05 5:40 PM GMT
Good job. Neatly explained and very easy to follow. Thanks =)
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