x-mas present  

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Uploaded: 12/17/05 2:23 PM GMT
x-mas present
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all good things to those who wait.


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12/17/05 4:32 PM GMT
This is really cool...I like the shiny metals and the feathers....this has so much movement it's awesome! I like your framing too. Thanks for commenting on Whirligig...I appreciate it! Last night I downloaded photofiltre and I think it will work much better. I'm going to go play with it now. =) I really like this image though....high marks from me and into my favorites!
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12/18/05 4:52 AM GMT
Ditto to what Pepper says... The harsh and the soft. It's great how 3d and strangely abstract this looks. Wonderful image, and so forth. Like it a lot.
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Here comes treble.
12/19/05 5:22 PM GMT
An intriguing photo! You just feel like opening the pressie. Great job well done!!

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01/03/06 3:39 AM GMT
Fantastic. It just explodes right at you and the color textures and shine are marvelous. The feathers are just an added bonus.
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03/15/06 12:26 AM GMT
This is very nice - like the colors and they blend well together. Would enjoy seeing more like this.
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09/26/06 1:12 AM GMT
Wow...This is my current desktop. Couldn't wait til Christmas. I receive a wow from everyone when they see it.
I know it's ahead of season, but I love it. Great.
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Because Nice Matters
10/04/06 8:25 PM GMT
Awe, this is brilliant!
I love how the light is in this piece.
Great work!
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12/18/06 8:20 PM GMT
Very clean and cool. Great use of light and refelction.
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Save the Earth! It's the only known planet with Chocolate!
01/10/07 1:10 AM GMT
Great image, nice idea with the box and the ribbons. Very beuatiful. So what did you get?
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10/28/08 1:54 PM GMT
SO elegant! I love it - when December comes this will be my wallpaper. :-)
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12/06/08 5:33 PM GMT
I <3 presents. (thats a button I have on my name badge) Makes a beautiful D.T. thanks!
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Strength and Honor

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