Trombidium holosericeum nr 2  

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Uploaded: 04/17/06 12:38 AM GMT
Trombidium holosericeum nr 2
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i tried to make it "pop" out some more Feel free to be critical


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04/17/06 1:31 PM GMT
Wow... Nice work, the raindrops and the frame. Also the insect but i don't like them.
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04/17/06 1:37 PM GMT
great shot! i love the drops and the color work.
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~ eNon ~
04/17/06 1:40 PM GMT
I like it, but emphasise it with some more red, almost too bland....
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04/17/06 2:33 PM GMT
I do like this better than the first. Awesome photo and presentation.
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04/17/06 4:39 PM GMT
Outstanding ! Don't touch a thing ! I love the monochromatic look with the subtle red for contrast, too much red would have been glaring & too strong in this image. It's a beauty & well worth any & all 10's you can possibly garner ! +fav it goes !
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04/17/06 4:51 PM GMT
Critical: eeew, it's a bug.
Not Critical: Spectacular photo, beautiful presentation. Worthy of 10+.
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04/17/06 8:46 PM GMT
I like everything about this: subject, framing, b&w... well done!
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04/18/06 1:50 AM GMT
What a superb macro!
Well done!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
04/18/06 2:00 AM GMT
Very impressive macro. The details and the focus is very good.
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04/18/06 6:29 AM GMT
WOW !! (enough said)
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04/20/06 5:53 PM GMT
This picture is realy very good. 10/10
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04/21/06 1:00 PM GMT
Great balance and just a bit of color. I am even liking the spider, just a little bit!
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04/21/06 8:46 PM GMT
Love the Shot! The Framing, the Droplets, the Focus! Great Job! Looks like a Tick to me.
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04/22/06 2:39 AM GMT
Very interesting. Like the frame work - that blurring is neat. Nice the way the drops seem to be rolling off towards the frame. Nice for the desktop with room for the icons. Enjoyed seeing this work~
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04/22/06 10:21 AM GMT
I guess you could call that a macro. What kind of camera did you use? An electron microscope? That's an amazing shot of a mite - a member of the spider family from my reading. Am I wrong? You mmanaged to get a diagonal line to form by that whatever it is, and a monochrome background to contrast with the mite. Your faded edging is superb too, and the off-center placement gives the image a dynamic that really helps it. Great job.
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ж Regmar ж
04/22/06 8:04 PM GMT
Excellent macro. Very well done and framed.
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04/28/06 11:34 AM GMT
Like some kind of lunar rover on the ice moon of zeta 12

you could drop the latin and just call it .. "red bug 2"
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See No Evil
09/19/08 5:21 AM GMT
beautiful picture kodo34. I am sure even though its copyrighted in you name some one on the internet will download it and use it as a ecard picture for topics like "love bug" :-) It is that a good picture. GIve us some more!
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