Why Blue Ridge?  

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Uploaded: 12/14/07 4:24 PM GMT
Why Blue Ridge?
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Why they call the Blue Ridge the Blue Ridge.


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12/16/07 8:34 PM GMT
Simply beautiful. The colors suit the name of the range. Nice shot!
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I came, I saw, I ate pasta.
12/17/07 6:35 AM GMT
A classical theme, but I like it very much. You captured nice colors with several temperatures, well done.
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12/17/07 3:08 PM GMT
Simple but really good, i like the colour of the sky and mountain.
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12/17/07 4:26 PM GMT
Very pretty and restful. Except for the realistic clouds, the scene is almost abstract.
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12/17/07 5:53 PM GMT
i wish the sky that day was just a little bit darker so that all the blues would blend more into the sky. this is a really great picture though, the mountains look awesome and the sky is still really pretty, but having a whole dark theme would look even better.
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12/17/07 10:44 PM GMT
The lack of clarity in the surface give this picture the look that it was painted, very surreal! I like it quite a bit!

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12/18/07 4:02 PM GMT
Love the Blue Ridge Parkway! Did you ever drive the whole lenght of it, Yes those views from the top are beautiful!
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12/19/07 2:15 AM GMT
Very nice view and colors,very nice picture.
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03/14/10 7:05 PM GMT
I feel as though others have sold you short in their comments. This view is spectacular and you captured it perfectly. The shot transports me there. I'm taking a trip from along the "Ridge" and have chosen your pic for my laptop background. Fantastic - thank you!
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