Winkworth arboretum  

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Uploaded: 12/01/05 9:00 PM GMT
Winkworth arboretum
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Winkworth is a National Trust property in England that was deliberately planted-up many years ago with trees good for their autumn colours... as you can see.


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12/01/05 9:33 PM GMT
This is quite beautiful! The way the tree trunks stand out against the coloured leaves is just wonderful. I love the whole scene, can almost hear the leaves crunching under my footsteps..
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12/01/05 9:35 PM GMT
WOW...that's what i call a nice natural red carpet. The colors are absolutely amazing and you captured that moment very well. I'm not sure about the green leafs in the foreground..but I think I would like it more without them. Nevertheless, a great shot...
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12/01/05 9:39 PM GMT
Amazing scene! Very magical feeling to it. The tree tunks and the background is very nice and clear. Great color, you really captured something unique here, love the whole image, great shot!
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12/01/05 11:04 PM GMT
This is worth more than a 10 in my book!
Wonderful desktop!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
12/01/05 11:43 PM GMT
Radical REDS!! Very nice capture. Hey, who's gonna rake all those up...count me out!!
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Picture Purrrfect
12/02/05 6:31 AM GMT
What a beautiful color scene. I have missed many opportunities like this because I didnít carry my cam with me. And you have done Ur best to give the viewer a piece of your mind. Your focus and composition is lovely. Even thought there is a bit over contrast on the top sky its not harming the image much. Nice work!

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12/02/05 9:51 AM GMT
Thanks for your kind comments.
Berniespeed - you're right that in some ways the picture would be better without the green leaves in the foreground, but I wanted to give the impression of "pushing through" into something a little hidden and mysterious; it also adds a little depth. But equally your preference would work too.
Priyanthab - you're right as well that the pic has a little too much contrast on the top sky. It was a tricky balance, as it was such a bright day but this particular spot was in deep shade!
By the way, I'd like to see your image Brahmin Kite and your gallery, but for some reason the links don't work. Images moved? Links outdated? Or is it that there are still one or two bugs in my browser, Firefox 1.5?
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12/02/05 10:36 AM GMT
This is Wonderful!!My congratulations.
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12/03/05 8:20 AM GMT
Mother Nature has her vivid colored carpet rolled out today. One could safely say "roll out the red carpet"! hehe These are amazing colors. The skyhas some extra contrast there which doesn't go well witht he iamge and I am not sure about the green leaves in the right corner foreground. They do add contrast though...mixed feelings. Lovely capture anyway and thanks for posting :~)
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~ Mimi~
12/03/05 12:35 AM GMT
This is truely a storybook pix...the red is beautiful..i would have loved to see a few leaves in a macro shot..
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12/03/05 5:34 PM GMT
Wow, this is very pretty, the leaves look almost pink. Good job.
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12/03/05 5:42 PM GMT
I feel honoured to vote 10/10 !!!! And regret one cannot vote more ... Admirable reservation on your part, too - 'trees good for their autumn colours' !!!!! LOL LOL good !
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
12/06/05 10:56 AM GMT
lovely image. where about s in the u.k is this? Nice pic.
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12/07/05 11:48 AM GMT
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12/08/05 2:12 AM GMT
can i just say...
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12/10/05 3:42 AM GMT
Thanks for all your encouragement. In response to jazzyg, Winkworth Arboretum is in Surrey, close to Godalming. It's a wonderful place, and I intend going again!
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12/15/05 12:07 AM GMT
One of the pretttier fall photos I've seen. I like the downward slope of the shot and the color is gorgeous.I think I would have tried cloning out the green leaves in the lower right, but that's a small matter. Lovely image.
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01/11/06 2:12 AM GMT
Hello .. Beautiful image .. would love to see more from here if you have them

as a side note .. your comment to "priyanthab" about not being able to view his links .. there is a wayward asterisk or quote symbol on the end of his link that shouldn't be there (*my eyes are too bad to make it out right now*) .. using firefox, just middle-click them to send them to a new tab and then backspace the (%22) characters off to the .jpg extension

His gallery link is the same as the Brahmin Kite

images do get deleted .. but you should always look for any "funky bits" on the link .. (Just point your mouse pointer at it and read it on the status bar at the bottom of your browser)

PS .. I didn't mean for this to be more about links than images .. :o)
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01/14/06 3:02 PM GMT
Thanks Keifer - have found Brahmin kite now. Sadly, the autumn colours at Winkworth Arboretum weren't particularly good this year due to unkind weather, excepting this one area in my image above, so no more autumn colours for a while.
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02/15/06 3:50 PM GMT
beautiful!! it looks magical
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03/04/06 9:18 PM GMT
FINEST ART! Thank you, Mister Perfect!!!
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03/05/06 5:07 PM GMT
Praise indeed - thank you!
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04/05/06 5:42 PM GMT
Wow. This is enough to knock me outa me chair. Love the way you allowed some fall colors to barely show through in the far background.. The detail in those tree trucnks is awesome.Some of the green showing through on the left adds a nice touch. SAs for the complaints about the green leaves on the lower right, as long as you were standing where you were, there is no way to exclude them without cropping the pic to pieces. Nice as it.
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06/08/06 10:52 PM GMT
That was a good scene! Those reds are knockout contrasting so beautifully with the tree trunks. I like the sloping hill. Over all a great capture.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
08/25/06 2:51 AM GMT
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01/01/07 1:26 PM GMT
This is very beautiful and relaxing. Good job.
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