Old Boat in the Forest  

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Uploaded: 08/10/13 8:52 PM GMT
Old Boat in the Forest
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The remains of an old boat I found in the forest, and even though the lake is roughly 150 meters away, there's a lot of trees and solid ground between the boat and the water. I have chosen it for the asymmetry contest, because I think that the interpretation of asymmetry can be figuratively too (boat in forest, instead of boat on the water - get it?), and at the same time the photo itself is not at all symmetric. As always: the Google coordinates are: 55.629104,11.687585


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08/11/13 11:02 AM GMT
very nice texture on this, a clear and nice debth to it all cause of the changing light and shadows in the background. a bit closer crop would make the texture of the boat stand a bit more out (a minor thing). overall a very good entry for the contest, best of luck!
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08/11/13 5:56 PM GMT
That's an interesting view of asymmetry. Symmetry play an important role in the world of science and often it is not geometric. I checked your coordinates on Google earth. The boat is quite a distance from the lake. It makes you wonder how it got there through the woods.
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08/15/13 8:42 PM GMT
Thinking more about the boat, I suddenly remember the lake being bigger when I was a child. I think it was drained at the small creek in the eastern end, when the area was sold to Finn Helmer some years ago. Some of the west end area of the lake used to be a very low bog, so maybe the distance wasn't so weird back the boat was placed there.
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