She Moves in Freedom  

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Uploaded: 02/17/06 1:51 AM GMT
She Moves in Freedom
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You may interpret this piece however you like, I will leave it to your imagination! It was created using Adobe Photoshop. The mountains are taken from Alzco's, "Cottage at Glencoe" and the fields, sky, and grasses are from Dunstickin's, "February Autumn". This image is an original done by moi (including the photo of the woman which I went to a certain amount of silliness to shoot). I hope you like it. It is easier to see in the full version because of it's border. Good Luck to all contestants, from Bob Barker!!


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02/17/06 3:12 AM GMT
Some of you are probably wondering why I have reposted this image a few times. Some talented artists have been giving me improvement tips and since this is for the contest I have been updating it to make it cleaner. So I apologize if this is confusing. But, now I'm done and this is my last post for this image. Thanx for stopping by!!
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02/17/06 4:02 AM GMT
Cool! I like the new building, it looks really 3D. The city to me looks more convincing overall, and also looks colder and more hi-tech which I think adds to the symbolism. I know you said you aren't going to play with this anymore, but I almost feel as if the city should be more of a mirage, as if the power of the freedom of "her" is making the confinement of the city fade into nothingness. Hmm, yes. *nods in an artsy fartsy critic sort of fashion*. Seriously though, I don't tend to see too many images that have real meaning where the artist has managed to pull it off so well, bravo! And best of luck.
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02/17/06 9:47 AM GMT
Looking good. I still love it naturally. :) It has a feeling of a painting and not really CG art. Good solid work. The composition of the elements in the image is very good and thoughtprovoking. I strongly concur with the notion above about convaying a real meaning. Double kudos!

I like the city like it is. If anything I would like it even more sharp and thus colder and more ominous in a contrast to the "live and kicking" woman with nature and the air of freedom surrounding her. (I'm such a freak on small pointless details. The city skyline have considerable artifacts in some places. Don't mind me though. It's not easy to fix some of those things. Most people will not notice it.)
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02/17/06 5:28 PM GMT
This work has a lot of symbolism and meaning .. Images such as this don't usually do well on caedes-dot-net .. perhaps because it forces people to try and interpret it and some would rather not do that

I love the painterly effects .. the sky has a liquid-silver mercury look .. since you paint, take photos of your work and POST them

And ... Good Luck with the contest

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03/02/06 8:25 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful!!!!
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03/09/06 6:03 AM GMT
Very creative. I like it, although it is a very strange style of art you have used..which is cool. I guess it's like a modern digital photo manipulation surrealism.. lol Great work.
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06/09/06 6:55 AM GMT
My, I love it! It bring me into a fantasy! One that you have created. I really like the creativity. Great Job!
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