4our of Hearts  

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Uploaded: 03/09/06 8:35 PM GMT
4our of Hearts
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Here is my first version of the four of hearts for the Caedes deck. It is a photograph that I took and then altered (I found it somewhat difficult to make a Caucasian woman oriental so she may still look a little Caucasian). Then I threw in a bit of this and that and came up with whaalaah. Hope you like it! I'm open to any tips and comments. I have a copy with higher resolution without the corners cut if needed.


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03/09/06 8:55 PM GMT
very nice work and great adition to the deck.. a very interesting flavour to bring to the mix. lettering and detail is choice. A very stylish design and layout! i wonder if you could add a subtle texture to the red field and gold border! nice work on your manipulations!
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03/10/06 12:19 AM GMT
Very good detail. Maybe a narrow gold border going about half way up the left side? Just an idea..
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03/10/06 12:23 AM GMT
Nicely done and a convincing manipulation (although she does still look a bit caucasian as you say :-) I especially like the "silk, hand decorated" heart!
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03/10/06 5:22 AM GMT
Neat...I can't wait until you do the Ace of Spades! LOL
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03/10/06 5:59 PM GMT
Ace of Spades? Nope never signed up for that one. I'm only the 4 of hearts. Someone I believe has already done this card. I did ask for another card but they are now finding enough artists to fill up the deck, which is more fun anyway. The variety wil be much cooler.
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11/26/06 1:39 AM GMT
very nice work!
i think she looks asian enough.:)
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Wie gehtes?
01/02/07 5:29 AM GMT
this kind of reminds me of zelda, it'd be funny if for the hearts you just made it look like a zelda game, and you put 13 hearts total and for instance this is the 4th heart so only 4 of the hearts are pink while others are blank, i never really played it though so i'm not sure
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