4our of hearts all cracked up  

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Uploaded: 03/10/06 5:31 PM GMT
4our of hearts all cracked up
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Here is my next version. Grim suggested a little texture might give it a different spin. I, thinking to keep the image simple didn't fancy the idea. But then he sent me a great copy of my image with a craqlerie overlay. It looked very nice. So I did a rendition of what he sent me. I gives it a bit more of an aged look. Tell me what you think. And thanx Grim!! Cheers...............................LPF


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03/10/06 7:09 PM GMT
im glad i suggested it, youve really done a great job! i think it really makes a great addition to the card! but then i am a little biased! But seriously, it ages the card and ties in with the porcelian doll like quality of the oriental style! the rich luster of fine japenese lacqure work , craked with age, but no less beautiful!
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03/12/06 1:52 AM GMT
terrific texture throughout .. great job
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03/13/06 10:22 AM GMT
I love the texture with this piece, it adds a nice "aged" effect, kind of like an aged procelin item. Very beautiful piece of work you have created here. High marks.
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03/20/06 11:31 AM GMT
What a stunning image! I love Asian themes, and collect a lot. The colours you have taken a lot of time in chosing well, you have a serene and whole work that has a soft - aged feel, well done.
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04/01/06 8:06 PM GMT
Nice, RickM
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05/30/06 4:57 PM GMT
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07/12/06 8:04 AM GMT
I like both versions! Very nice work Amaris - I admire your creativity.
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