Lansat Art 2  

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Lansat Art 2
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An abstraction of a scene gathered from the lansat satellite.


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04/24/02 7:00 AM GMT
Just look at it.
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04/24/02 8:53 AM GMT
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-caedes (Please! please fear my wrath...)
05/12/02 4:07 AM GMT
lol yeah it does
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05/21/02 6:02 PM GMT
Is it Jabba the Huts belly?
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06/03/02 6:01 AM GMT
looks like beached heighla monster. is that how you spell it?
-IDiot(mat sheppard)
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06/26/02 11:39 PM GMT
porn pops
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08/14/02 2:17 PM GMT
I don't know what it is....
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"I didn't do it." -- O.J. Simson
11/08/02 6:19 PM GMT
Whats that all about then? some one tell me cos that looks like 8 things totally different from each other!
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04/26/03 3:48 AM GMT
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05/17/03 12:23 AM GMT
Looks like a dead dinosaur :x
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07/22/03 6:22 AM GMT
I can't believe you people don't fall down seeing this. I put it on my desk top and am in awe every time. Anyone who has ever studied geology even in the most cursory way can appreciate nature, even as raw as we perceive it here.
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08/06/03 2:16 PM GMT
Wow thats all I can say is WOW!!!!

Good girls luv bad boyz.....!
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08/08/03 5:01 AM GMT
its gorgeous
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08/10/03 11:23 PM GMT
omg what is that?????
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10/12/03 12:48 AM GMT
yeah, I know WHAT IS THAT?
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10/21/03 3:20 AM GMT

It's Art........!
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12/03/03 4:31 AM GMT
its almost like an inkblot test.... you see what you want to see out of it ....whatever first comes to mind...
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"men are from mars....women are from venus"
12/05/03 12:05 AM GMT
it looks like an aerial view of a lake in the top left spilling out and forming 3 rivers
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12/16/03 2:23 AM GMT
sorry not too impressed by this, its kind of dull...
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02/29/04 3:58 PM GMT
Awesome! Kind of repulses by its attraction. I can see how some people would find this difficult to swallow.
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03/03/04 5:16 AM GMT
It looks kinda like a fossil of a bird? I dunno... iz cool.
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03/10/04 7:52 PM GMT
fantastic color overlay! but, like it's predecessor, it looks a lot like you were just tinkering around with an already nice topo map. maybe from the usgs site????
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01/28/05 1:36 PM GMT
what is it ?!?!?!?! kinda looks like meat or something
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04/23/06 2:38 PM GMT
sorry..though it was a squished seal....
good work otherwise...
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09/02/06 6:32 PM GMT
cool, what is it though?
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04/07/07 7:55 PM GMT
Nice abstract!.The pink hue with lines formed by water are intriging..
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06/15/07 8:05 PM GMT
Now that is interesting. It almost looks like the inside of a heart in extreme detail. Cool.
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"A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose."
05/06/08 9:29 PM GMT
looks almost like the inside of the colon .. :)
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10/15/08 5:03 PM GMT
Haha with 2008 printed on it! I can't believe caedes name was on the ground in small black lettering! :P Very interesting shot. The Earth Observatory by NASA provides some great shots like this, hundreds if not thousands.
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