Masked Being  

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Uploaded: 02/01/09 10:33 AM GMT
Masked Being
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This is a scanned imaged of myself for my art project on expressive figures and faces. I have tried to express energy in the floating hair whist coving my face with a mask.


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02/01/09 2:48 PM GMT
I like it a lot - the only problem with using flatbeds like this is burning out detail on pressed on surfaces - i.e. your hands. it may look better if you take a quick digi shot of the hands in similar poses and partially composite them in to reintroduce (a little) detail.
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02/04/09 12:00 AM GMT
Very creative, the only problem I have is the color. I think it's too green. Not sure how you could fix it though...
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02/04/09 3:10 AM GMT
This is kind of a scary picture. Reminds me of that one movie.... But it is very neat. I like the movement of your hair, and your hands. well done.

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02/04/09 7:08 AM GMT
A very interesting piece the hair is put very good in it aswel is the position of the hands:). Good work
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02/12/09 6:58 PM GMT
Nice art work creepy yes but still cleaver
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02/14/09 1:09 AM GMT
I like this one a lot! The 'creepy' aspect draws you in for the fact that it isnt what you expect, you cant see the face and yet as a whole its so expressive and interesting. Great job!
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