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This is a letter home to his family from a Confederate soldier on the eve of the Battle of Atlanta. The letter is held at the Altanta History Musem in Buckhead. If you read the letter, you can find mention of Atlanta-area landmarks like Stone Mountain. This letter was very moving to me, espically the script in which it was written - how exquisite for the battlefield conditions the writer had to endure. I took the photo when I was in Georgia back in August.


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09/29/04 5:42 AM GMT
Interesting desktop. Why not enter it in the contest?
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09/29/04 9:15 AM GMT
This title and just the whole concept of the letter of a soldier reminds me of the country song "Letters from home" which is a really beautifully portrayed story of a soldier reading a letter that he recieves from his parents and family at home... Great job, gives me chills just thinking about it :)
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10/05/04 2:45 AM GMT
if it was in focus it would be cool
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11/11/04 7:23 PM GMT
awesome! aw, the magic of black ink!
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03/18/05 9:08 PM GMT
awesome image. very unique . loving it xx
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04/27/05 8:02 PM GMT
clever. i love it, too.
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06/23/05 11:39 PM GMT
Wow, beautiful image, I love the look of it!!!! 35/10!!!!!!!!!!!!
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