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Uploaded: 01/05/07 11:39 PM GMT
Heaven & Earth
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I took this when I traveled through Tuscon AZ. and spent the day in the Saguaro National Park and Tuscon Mountian Park. I looped around on the highway to grab a picnic for the sunset so I'm not entirely sure exactly where I ended up for the "evening show". It was breathtaking. This isn't my favorite shot from there but I can't find the other disk. Hopefully soon. I'd like to share the sunset that followed this scene.


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01/06/07 12:11 AM GMT
Hi Lisa - thought this looked familiar! Howdy from Tucson - this one is good, so looking forward to the sunset one! Looks like you were at Gates Pass at the top of the Tucson Mtn range just W of downtown Tucson, looking SW towards Kitt Peak in this one (the road below is the same road your picture is taken from). Thanks!
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If it's to be, it's up to me.
01/06/07 12:59 AM GMT
I really love this shot! It makes a super desktop, definitely can't wait for the next from you. Keep up the good work.
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01/06/07 2:46 AM GMT
Breathtaking! Truly does look like heaven, for all I imagine. The colors and haze is very well captured.
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01/06/07 3:45 PM GMT
This is beautiful. I hope you find the other disk and post more!
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01/07/07 12:26 AM GMT
And I can see both from here. Beautiful.
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01/10/07 6:55 PM GMT
I miss my trips to AZ!! Thanks for sharing the reminder.
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01/10/07 6:58 PM GMT
Great shot Lisa!
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01/10/07 7:00 PM GMT
wow, GREAT photo Lisa! Congratulations :)

P.S. I wonder what would it look like if you moved camera more to the right?
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---Cheers, Boris---
01/10/07 8:05 PM GMT
I took a few more to the right at that point but they didn't come out very well. The sun was too blaring yet. Although I have several of that sunset. "The Evening Show" is the only one I have posted so far. In the future I might post "Heaven's on Fire"
Thanks All
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02/08/07 1:03 AM GMT
awesome use of scale. The plants at the left the cliff behind them and the valley below. pretty darn sweet
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11/16/07 8:01 PM GMT
so did you ever find that other disk?
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02/12/08 9:21 PM GMT
Very nice...I love that pastel sky and the lighting.
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02/23/08 12:57 AM GMT
Hello Lisa....Excellent, both in composition and tonality.. impressive....Well done Lisa....All the best...Mick.
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06/06/08 2:09 PM GMT
This is simply breathtaking! The beauty of this shot is undeniably powerful. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing; this shot made my day.
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06/23/08 10:56 AM GMT
Great shot! Saw it on the Caedes home page and my first thoughts were, "Wow...that's a nice picture!" Thanks for sharing. Faved!
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06/29/08 6:36 PM GMT
You know, the great thing about places like this is that you can forget about all your worries and focus on the beauty God created around you in nature. You have done a spectacular job of capturing that. I like that you included the side of the mountain in the photo because it adds a "keep me grounded" feel to it, so you feel safe and secure while you gaze out over the scene and the sunset. Thank you so much for sharing this soft place with us in your photo. Have a wonderful day. *John 3:16*
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08/13/09 1:38 AM GMT
Great shot! I live in the area and your picture shows great perspective of transition from valley floor to mountain. You're facing west towards the bobaquvari Mtns, kitt peak observatory is located on the highest mountain top in the distance.
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