Romantic Poetry  

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Uploaded: 06/16/07 12:40 AM GMT
Romantic Poetry
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"In the time that doesn't want to pass in my heart I feel a strength that pushes me to say: "us" And when the sun has gone I look for you in the sky among the other stars As my soul is with you in the sweet night and feels happy waiting for you, because nowhere is far"


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06/16/07 6:59 AM GMT
Well it looks beautiful Lin, very romantic and if only you would translate that poem...please?:))

edit* thanks for the translation Lin, it's lovely !:)
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06/16/07 10:22 AM GMT
very romantic Lin but what does the poem say. please translate it for us:))


thanx Lin for the translation, such a beautiful poem and so true:))
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laughter is the best medicine.
06/16/07 10:32 AM GMT
Just an experiment eh........

Very well done indeed, love it.

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06/16/07 12:21 AM GMT
fABULOUR EXPERIMENT. Nice job and a beautiful poem.
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06/16/07 8:00 PM GMT
awww, thats such a lovely poem, and i love the experiment! a lovely composition!
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06/16/07 8:42 PM GMT
A beautiful composition...I love the way you have merged those lovely images to frame those deep words.
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06/20/07 12:17 AM GMT
This is just beautiful, experiment successful!
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06/20/07 11:19 PM GMT
It seems an especially lovely experimental result - none of those strangely smelling gases sometimes cooked up in chemistry...

- cfr
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06/29/07 2:35 AM GMT
U R using your creative mind and hand for the good things, I really glad about that.
I like to wish your future Well done and good bless u
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07/01/07 3:41 PM GMT
this is bursting with emotion,and creativity. Love it.
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03/05/08 7:14 PM GMT
A beauty piece of art both the poem and the image...well done!!
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Angelle "because reality isn't nearly as fun."

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